25 Essentials For Surviving The Apocalypse [Infographic]

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Apologies, you won’t find tissue paper, canned food, soap and duct tape on this list. Preppers have already been down that road more than once. Instead, we went on the hunt for some of the coolest gear we could find. Because if, and when, shit hits the fan, we have every intention of going out in style. Financially feasible? Not a chance. Absolutely spectactular? You bet your ass.

25 Essentials For Surviving The Apocalypse [Infographic]

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  • Sean

    “Great-grandpa why do you have all this neat stuff packed in this dusty old bin buried in the basement?”

    “Well y’see at the beginning of the century everyone hoped that society would collapse in some population reducing way figuring THEY personally would be able to go from the coddled lifestyle of civilization to hunting and gathering just because they’d spent a bunch of cash and THEY personally would be among the survivors …”

    “They hoped for it? I’m 6 and I know that’s sick and deranged.. and…well, didn’t they know about statistics back then?”

    “Well a few people here and there, but even the ones who understood still thought they were special… everyone used to think they were special and it was one of the worst times to be alive because of that.”

    “Thats real dumb gramps.”

    “Yes my lad it was very, very fucking dumb….now go play hoverball with your friends on the hyper-lawn…”

  • these are all way over priced Gucci like crap, anyone buying these has more money than skills.

  • these are all way over priced Gucci

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