Albatross Elevator Desk

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There are times in a man’s life when they move up in the world and realise that making a real statement in a modern office is going to take more than a bobble head doll and a box of doughnuts.

Times like these call for something seriously impressive – something like the Albatross Elevator Desk, a repurposed wing crafted from the rear elevator of an actual Albatross bomber, founded in 1949 and put out of service in 1961. It’s extremely limited edition as you can imagine – ex-servicemen are already weeping at the thought of this iconic aircraft being repurposed just give you a leg up in the social order.

And just to really rub it in you don’t need to stick with the traditional bullet-hole ridden gunmetal grey – it’s eminently customisable and available in a custom-built size of your choice from 6 to 13 feet wide. Once you’ve decided on that you can really go to town on the nuances. Choose between a range of finishes including mirror polish, satin, authentic and powder-coated, a range of woods such as bamboo, mahogany or oak, and a range of types of glass for the surface. You can even opt to have data ports built in and LED lighting in the colour of your choice. That’s probably crossing the line – but then we’re not the ones you’re trying to impress.

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