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All we want for Christmas is a Smartphone that lasts more than a day. If we must live out our lives controlling every minutiae through a 5” screen the least one can expect is not to also spend it camped out at a power outlet. Though there are a myriad of novelty charging accessories to help ease the pain, most require you to juice them up in the traditional fashion, but a new entry from Kickstarter takes a rather novel approach.

The Ampy is powered by movement, so it charges while you walk, or specifically “from motion”. It claims that 10,000 steps (which seems quite high to be called a “daily average”), one hour of cycling or 30 minutes of running is enough for three hours of Smartphone juice (or by contrast, 24 hours on a Smartwatch and 72 hours for a fitness tracker).

The battery will keep for months, and can be always charged in the usual way if you have the opportunity (or more likely are feeling lazy), and with the supplied accessory kit it can be carried around in a range of unobtrusive ways.  Sure, there are easier ways to charge a phone, but it’s clean energy and an app will tell you how much you’re power you’re generating while you’re moving about so you get that warm glow of having done something worthwhile.

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