Anki Drive slot car racing set.

Anki Drive

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Remember playing slot cars as a child? Well, they’re back . . . and they’ve brought technology along.

Anki Drive combines a track mat, race cars, and an iPhone app. Underneath the mat, special ink that’s embedded with a positional code tells the car where it is exactly on the mat, as well as where the other cars are located. Simply set the cars on the track and the race begins. Players can tilt their iPhones to take wider or sharper turns, or they can fire off weapons to slow down and destroy opponents. After the game is over, you receive points with which you can use to install upgrades (speed boost, more weapons, etc.) onto your car. The upgrades are permanent, so each car becomes unique over time, depending on which path you choose to take.

Yes, indeed we do want need one!

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