Apple TV Holder

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If you own an Apple TV, chances are you wouldn’t have been sitting around thinking that the only thing missing is a great big slab of wood, with some holes cut in it, to put it on. But there’s a market for that, apparently, as seen by the Tinsel&Timber Apple TV Holder.

It’s a great big slab of wood, with some holes cut in it, to hold the box and the remote. Ok, let’s not get too cynical here – it’s good for the soul to find the best in everything.

So there’s a choice of wood colours – Walnut and Maple, and a choice of felt colours that underlay the alcoves for the box and remote – Charcoal, Salmon and Cream. It keeps your Apple TV and remote “organised”, because two items do need organising, and there’s four natural cork feet to keep it sliding about all over the place, like say, during an earthquake.

“Proudly made in the USA”, we can admit that it’d fit in quite nicely if you have assorted complementing hardwood decor around the TV, and at $49 it’s not horrifically priced. But this is a great big slab of wood. With some holes cut in it.

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