Aquila Electric Board

Aquila Electric Board

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When I was a kid, the only thing that beat the over-sugared post-birthday party headspins were the words ‘personal hovercraft’. The Aquila Electric Board gets pretty close to the concept. Whoah, I think I need a lie down.

Better yet, this self-propelled electric board has been designed with competitive sports and trick moves in mind, just in case the idea skimming over the water surface didn’t pump up your adrenalin enough. With its electric propulsion, the board makes no noise or emissions, so it’s environmentally friendly (just as long as you don’t give any nasty surprises to dolphins or whales).

Shaped like a thick surfboard, these electric boards allow you to carve and shred through the water even when there are no waves, and no paddling or even much balance is required (the boards have foot straps). The boards range from the Manta, which is good for beginners and flat water, to the Blade for daredevil maneuvers, and the high-speed Carver, which zips along at up to 71 km/h.

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