An Arcade Coffee Table in the living room.

Arcade Coffee Tables

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The quarter-thieving arcades of yore have come and gone, and it’s mostly for the best. Modern video games are head and shoulders above the old arcade fare in every way. No longer designed solely to con children out of hard-earned pocket money, modern video games have matured as both an artistic medium and a breasts-and-violence delivery system.

However, since there are few forces on Earth as strong as nostalgia, many a child of the 80’s still finds himself pining for the halcyon days of flashing lights, bleating machines, and the faint smell of cigarette smoke and stale root beer. Luckily, now you too can have some that nostalgia delivered directly to your living room is a sleek, modern form factor.

The Contemporary Arcade Table series by Surface Tension are attractive, modern coffee tables which feature large touch screens and integrated gaming hardware running emulations of classic games, along with more modern fare. The tables represent a respectable complement to any modern living room, while still allowing you to geek out when the situation calls for it.

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