Army Survival APP

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See that kid on the subway with the emo-flap hair and pasty face buried in his iPhone? Looks can deceive. He could be solving manly issues, like how to treat his trenchfoot, or how to procure water from porous rock once his Frappuccino runs dry. You never know.

Pack the app for the U.S. Army Survival Manual and you’ll always know what to do when it comes to basic survival skill for any climate anywhere in the world. The app packs in over 1400 pages of information, covering first aid, shelters, field weapons, sea survival, signalling techniques and much more. There’s also a catalogue of high resolution images of plants, animals and insects so you know whether your encounter with nature will lead to a little itchiness, mild nausea, or a prospective dose of death.

Lovers of the outdoors will always find a use for this app, but it may pay to familiarize yourself with the layout and the material on a larger display device than a cell phone before you actually need it. Useful additions would be ‘how to recharge your iPhone using just a bowstring and tinder’ and ‘defense methods against fellow survivors who only have Android’ – but this is still a very informative and useful app.

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