Aston Martin DP-100 Concept

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Comic book fans among you may have noticed that when a character gets a bit tired, one way to squeeze a little more money from a franchise is to create a future version – Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Hulk – all have been subjected to the “2099” treatment, with little success. Perhaps the same could be done with James Bond, who let’s face it is less believable as a real person than some superheroes anyway.

If this were to happen we’ve got his car sorted already, thanks to Aston Martin (naturally) and the DP-100 concept. Created as an addition to Gran Turismo 6, they’ve only gone and built one for the real world anyway – one single concept unit that’s presumably priceless and boasts the kind of specs that’d shake your vodka martini like never before. It’s an 800bhp 6.0 litre V12 powerhouse with an estimated top speed of 200mph and 0-60 of just three seconds.

Sadly no plans to turn it into a production model just yet, but Aston boffins haven’t ruled it out and claim all of this video game malarkey is genuinely useful research material for producing bigger and better cars in the future. Not a bad job, if you can get it.

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