Audi Autonomous Office Chair

Apr 29 • Videos • 889 Views • No Comments on Audi Autonomous Office Chair

The usual April Fools jokes were doing the rounds on the internets this month in an annual event designed to test the gullibility of folk around the world, and Audi made extra effort with its Autonomous Office Chair. Tongue is too firmly in cheek to ever really believe this is a genuine addition to its product line, which is a shame, but we have to admit many of the advantages on display would come in useful in the modern office.

It’s an amusing clip nonetheless, and an opportunity to find out how long it takes for you to realise this clearly can’t be a real thing. If it’s more than a few seconds you’re a prime candidate for further foolery, and hey – it’s always worth sending to a gullible friend or relative to ask if they want one for Christmas.

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