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  • cinder-cone

    The Cinder Cone

    Jul 8, 15 • 1329 Views • Habitat, VideosNo Comments

    Foster Huntington became an online sensation after quitting his New York-based design job and documenting his life in a van in blogs and books. So when he came to build his dream home with friends, he wanted us all to know about it. The Cinder Cone is...

  • harley

    Rough Crafts’ Harley Forty-Eight

    Jul 1, 15 • 891 Views • Motorcycles, RidesNo Comments

    The Harley Forty-Eight is one of the most often-customized motorbikes going around, so you have to really stick your neck out to stand above the crowd. Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts has put his head on a crane with his ‘Hooligan Tactics’ rebuild of the...

  • Safari_Lodge

    Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

    Jun 29, 15 • 1070 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    It’s said that ‘Good architecture lets nature in.’ This design from Nicholas Plewman Architects is so good, the native elephants, hippos, lions and leopards continue to live on and use the site as if these buildings had never emerged out of the Okavango...

  • guitarjpg

    Prisma Guitars

    Jun 17, 15 • 962 Views • GearNo Comments

    Got a few old skateboards lying around? Say, between four and 44? That’s how many decks Prisma Guitars use to rebirth skateboards to new life full of licks.Prisma is the brainchild of Nick Pourfard, a 22 year-old self-taught woodworker who wanted to jam...

  • fallout4

    Fallout 4 Official Trailer

    Jun 11, 15 • 1260 Views • Gaming, MediaNo Comments

    After as much apocalyptic teasing as the Cold War, Fallout 4 is finally on the way – and there’s a trailer to prove it. Here’s what we know: Boston is definitely the setting; there’s a German Shepherd who can smell the past; a sky ship floats about...

  • testla

    Eleks’ Apple Watch App

    Mar 22, 15 • 722 Views • GearNo Comments

    What’s the point of having a futuristic electric uber car if you can’t control and monitor it from your watch? This issue was so vexing that Eleks built an app for the Apple Watch that does exactly this, months in advance of the April release date for the...

  • tent

    Tensegrity 1 Elite

    Mar 22, 15 • 722 Views • GearNo Comments

    Space – it’s the last frontier in tent design. Now Tensegrity designers have tipped conventional tent design on its head by putting more space where you need and want it most – up near your head and shoulders. A few other neat tricks help conserve...

  • timelaps

    10K Timelapse Demo

    Mar 22, 15 • 582 Views • VideosNo Comments

    Blow out to full screen and crank up the screen resolution to witness the cutting edge of photography in this video that shows off the extreme resolution of the PhaseOne IQ180 camera. Each shot in this timelapse of Rio de Janeiro is composed of hundreds of...

  • giftset

    Pappy Van Winkle Signature Gift Set

    Mar 22, 15 • 634 Views • Gear, UncategorizedNo Comments

    Four generations of Kentucky distilling come to life through this decadent gift set, which features pre-Prohibition label, Old Rip Van Winkle. Before you get to that, take a good whiff of the box – that wood has nursed gallons upon gallons of fine bourbon...

  • bootlegger

    Bootlegger Photo Series Aperture Pack

    Mar 22, 15 • 638 Views • GearNo Comments

    A man is not a camel, so the saying goes, but if you’re a photographer on the go, the strain of moving gear can begin to feel somewhat dromedary. A good backpack becomes a must-have, and The Aperture Photo Pack from Boreas comes with a system that allows...

  • river_trek

    River trek Neora Valley

    Mar 19, 15 • 975 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    Somewhere beyond the overcrowded cities there are places in India where nature hasn’t been beaten down within an inch of its life. One of these is Bengal state’s Neora Valley National Park in, an area with such an important biodiversity that it is on...

  • tread

    Tread™ QM1

    Mar 16, 15 • 621 Views • GearNo Comments

    I get tired of people telling me that they never wear a watch anymore because they can use their phone to tell the time. But can your phone cut your seatbelt when you’re trapped in a car? Does it come with a carbide glass-breaker to bust through the window?...

  • Nexx-X60-Cork

    Nexx X60 Cork

    Mar 16, 15 • 511 Views • GearNo Comments

    A cork finish on your brain-bucket is a real head-turner, plus it makes all the sense in the world. Cork is a natural fire retardant and it has a bubble-form structure that acts as an acoustic and thermal insulation, which is why it is used in house walls....

  • snolo_fd

    Scion | Snolo Sleds

    Mar 10, 15 • 711 Views • GearNo Comments

    For most of us, our first experience of speed on snow was sledding – even if that sled was a sheet of plastic. It was raw fun, but then we experienced the extra speed and coordination afforded by more high-tech design. Here’s an idea – why not take the...

  • poltergeist_fataldose

    Poltergeist | Official HD Trailer | 2015

    Feb 27, 15 • 969 Views • Media, Movies & Shows, VideosNo Comments

    Remaking horror classics seems to be like sex with an ex – the obsession and the temptation seems to be too great, even though everyone agrees that the outcome will most probably be disastrous. This new take on the 1982 classic may be a rare exception. A...

  • abandoned-places-fataldose

    Abandoned Places | Epic Fails And Empty Spaces   

    Feb 21, 15 • 3174 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    Economic blunders, disastrous environmental incidents, greed, war and other man-made mishaps have all resulted in some spectacularly abandoned places. Their decay and scarred earth are a tribute to man’s stupidity and short-sightedness. Today such places...

  • quercus_fd


    Feb 3, 15 • 1025 Views • Furniture, GearNo Comments

    Upcycled is the new recycled, and this lamp from designer Max Ashford shows just how cool it can be. Quercus is designed to be a sustainable, stylish and functional desk lamp for professionals, although it also serves as a great illuminated trophy for former...

  • surf-safari-fd

    Aussie East Coast Surfari

    Jan 30, 15 • 2375 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    Check out a list of surfing world champions and you find both the Aussie guys and girls feature prominently (Aussie women have won 19 of the last 26 years!). If you suspect that Aussies might have an unfair advantage with the beaches back home, you’d be...

  • glow-table2

    Glow Table

    Jan 22, 15 • 1525 Views • Furniture, GearNo Comments

    Tables can be handsome, but you could never really describe them as mesmerizing… until now. Mike Warren has found a way to make a table that you will want to stare at, then come back and see it at other times of day so you can see it in different light....

  • akrapovic-1

    Akrapovič Full Moon

    Jan 19, 15 • 1042 Views • Motorcycles, RidesNo Comments

    Slovenian company Akrapovič makes car exhaust systems for everything from the Volkswagen Golf to the Audi Quattro endurance racers, but it also does motorcycle exhausts. As a way to show off its motorbike cred, Akrapovič began making custom motorbikes...