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  • Samsung UHD 105-Inch Curved TV

    Samsung UHD 105-Inch Curved TV

    Jul 23, 14 • 1142 Views • GearNo Comments

    Ten years ago, if you were rockin’ a 40-inch television, you had it made. Today, those Best Buy employees are showing us 60-inch TVs. And apparently Samsung wants to take it up a notch, or two… or three. That’s right, you can now purchase...

  • Handgrey Keychain Carabiner

    Handgrey Keychain Carabiner

    Jul 23, 14 • 777 Views • GearNo Comments

    Sunny Inkavesvaanit, a member of Kickstarter, has an obsession with carabiners. That’s great news, because we also happen to love both carabiners and Inkavesvaanit’s design sense. The Handgrey Keychain Carabiner was created specifically for use...

  • survival-apocalypse-infographic

    25 Essentials For Surviving The Apocalypse [Infographic]

    Jul 18, 14 • 140929 Views • Features3 Comments

    Apologies, you won’t find tissue paper, canned food, soap and duct tape on this list. Preppers have already been down that road more than once. Instead, we went on the hunt for some of the coolest gear we could find. Because if, and when, shit hits the fan,...

  • Braven Mira

    Braven Mira

    Jul 18, 14 • 3341 Views • GearNo Comments

    Look, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, we all sing in the shower. And thanks to Braven, now we can take our morning karaoke to the next level. The Braven Mira is a lightweight, portable Bluetooth speaker with an IPX5 water resistant rating,...

  • Swash Express Clothing Care System

    Swash Express Clothing Care System

    Jul 17, 14 • 1063 Views • GearNo Comments

    The year 2014. Unfortunately we’re not yet riding around on hoverboards. But on the bright side, we now have the ability to automatically dry clean our clothes… at home. The Swash Express Clothing Care System guarantees to keep your suits,...

  • Thug Kitchen

    Thug Kitchen

    Jul 16, 14 • 1204 Views • Books & MagazinesNo Comments

    We’re all aware of the fact that there are thousands of food blogs to choose from. But none are quite like Thug Kitchen. Visit their site and you’ll find that, surprisingly, food and profanity were made for each other. Now the anonymous...

  • SlideRider


    Jul 15, 14 • 1233 Views • ToysNo Comments

    Have a staircase? If not, you’re now probably wishing you did. The SlideRider is an invention created by Trisha Cleveland, who’s partnering with Quirky to make her dream a reality. What you see is basically a set of weighted foam mats that...

  • EO1 Digital Picture Frame

    EO1 Digital Art

    Jul 14, 14 • 730 Views • GearNo Comments

    Not content with the way online art was being appreciated, Jake Levine decided to build a digital canvas. The EO1 is a custom-built display with a computer and a wireless internet connection. It’s capable of displaying both static images...

  • Mall Of The World

    Mall Of The World

    Jul 13, 14 • 1219 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    If Dubai has its way, Mall of America will soon look like a flea market. Officials in the city have plans to build–what they’re calling–the Mall Of The World. The project will essentially be a temperature-controlled city, all inside of a single...

  • Tool Pen

    Tool Pen

    Jul 12, 14 • 741 Views • GearNo Comments

    Tired of storing a variety of screwdrivers, and then never actually having one on hand when you need it anyway? This Tool Pen was actually inspired by the “Pop-A-Point” rainbow pens that kids love to play with. But make no mistake, this is a...

  • Harley-Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle

    Harley-Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle

    Jul 10, 14 • 1049 Views • MotorcyclesNo Comments

    Harley-Davidson going electric… not a chance, right? Actually, it just might become a reality in the near future. The company is currently launching a research project, taking two dozen Harley-Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycles on tour, and...

  • N.B.K.-Residence

    N.B.K. Residence

    Jul 9, 14 • 850 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    Apparently architects who graduate from Harvard University can design some pretty amazing buildings. This incredible apartment, known as the N.B.K. Residence, was designed by Lebanese Architect Bernard Khoury. It’s 3 stories, and sits on the ninth...

  • Wheelhaus Rolling Cabins setup at night.

    Wheelhaus Rolling Cabins

    Jul 8, 14 • 1481 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    If you’ve ever considered quitting your job and touring the country, we might recommend going all out and doing so in a stunning, mobile cabin. Wheelhaus Rolling Cabins combine the craftsmanship of log cabins with energy efficiency and innovative...

  • Tool Chess set and board.

    Tool Chess

    Jul 7, 14 • 1320 Views • Gear, Hot ReadsNo Comments

    Who says you can’t show off your manliness and intelligence at the same time? The Tool Chess set contains 32 pieces that are handcrafted from nuts, bolts, and other hardware. Each piece is powder-coated for a beautiful finish, and the game is played on...

  • 2014 FIFA World Cup Commercial

    I Believe | ESPN World Cup Commercial

    Jun 24, 14 • 770 Views • VideosNo Comments

    True, Americans generally consider American football to be our “national” pastime, but soccer is quickly growing in popularity. And although football dominates television ratings in the U.S., the FIFA World Cup is by far the...

  • Manhattan In Motion

    Manhattan In Motion

    Jun 24, 14 • 838 Views • VideosNo Comments

    If you’ve ever wanted to visit New York City but can’t quite find the time or money to do it, we may have just found the next best thing. Josh Owens spent over a month in Manhattan, hotel hopping while taking photographs that capture the essence...

  • Model Transformation

    Model Transformation

    Jun 24, 14 • 1031 Views • VideosNo Comments

    It’s no secret, that beautiful woman on the cover of GQ that you’ve been lusting over is photoshopped. But we’re willing to bet you probably have no clue how extreme these makeovers actually are. No, we’re not talking about removing...

  • Lamborghini Aventador

    Lamborghini Aventador

    Jun 24, 14 • 757 Views • VideosNo Comments

    This 3-minute video highlights the power and agility of the 740 HP Aventador, which, by the way, does 0 to 60 MPH in under 3 seconds. We’re convinced, if the end of the world were approaching, we’d probably want to be inside a Lamborghini...

  • Around the World | Selfie Compilation

    Around the World | Selfie Compilation

    Jun 24, 14 • 727 Views • VideosNo Comments

    Alex Chacon is a freelance photographer who travels around the world taking part in charitable expeditions. Initially, in order to begin his journey, he sold everything he owned and left his hometown with nothing but a GoPro on a stick. Along the way,...

  • Slow Motion Tattoo

    Slow Motion Tattoo

    Jun 24, 14 • 758 Views • VideosNo Comments

    Put a tattoo artist and a videographer in one room, and you get a pretty good idea of what the process actually looks like. Watch as the tattoo gun works its magic and the needle pierces the skin with ink; all in slow motion. Be warned though, if...