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  • wingsuit

    GoPro: Wingsuit Flight

    Nov 27, 15 • 1209 Views • VideosNo Comments

    It’s no wonder GoPro is doing such a good business in action cams with videos like this. Featuring a debatably sane adrenaline junkie by the name of Uli Emanuele, it aims to make a mockery out of our extreme sports feature by showcasing a wingsuit flight...

  • Lofoten

    Lofoten Opera Hotel

    Nov 6, 15 • 1129 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    Despite looking more than a little bit like Gandalf’s Middle Earth holiday home, the Lofoten Opera Hotel is a real thing – an 11,000 square meter hotel and residential complex in Norway’s Lofoten archipelago and a spectacular architectural triumph....

  • Stump

    Stump Cracked Log Table/Stool

    Oct 14, 15 • 1040 Views • GearNo Comments

    Despite looking like a prop from Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter/Insert your fantasy film franchise of choice here, the Stump is actually an ingenious twist of authentic natural materials twinned with modern tech created by Duncan Meerding, and winner of Best...

  • Lundberg

    Breuer Cabin

    Oct 14, 15 • 1015 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    Next time you see someone rooting through a skip or driving rubbish away from the local refuse don’t be too quick to judge – they could be scavenging materials to make something like the Breuer Cabin. Beginning with an uncompleted, ramshackle old hut it...

  • Kingii


    Jul 31, 15 • 1012 Views • GearNo Comments

    Being a legit cool surf dude requires a few simple things – a stereotypical haircut and tan, the ability to pull off at least two rad moves on the waves and a flagrant disregard for your own personal safety. Unfortunately the latter often precludes...

  • Cliffside

    Cliffside Casa Brutale

    Jul 31, 15 • 741 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    Teetering on the high cliffs above the Aegean sea, this Cliffside Casa Brutale concept is just itching for a Bond villain to raise enough cash to actually set the thing in motion – though we’d wager any such villain would soon end their evil ways in...

  • Parrot_Hydro

    Parrot Hydrofoil Drone

    Jul 21, 15 • 1169 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    Parrot has made a name for itself building fancy tech toys and remains unquenched in its thirst to churn out Bond-esque gadgetry for big kids. This time it’s taking to the water with the new Hydrofoil Drone, which promises to be about as much fun as you...

  • BMW_7Series

    BMW 7 Series

    Jul 20, 15 • 1896 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    When it comes to appreciating the modern motor there are two types of audience to appeal to. Flashy concepts and revitalised classics will tick a lot of boxes for self-confessed petrol heads, but for some it’s all about the interior – how much time do you...

  • Charlotte

    Charlotte McKinney

    Jul 17, 15 • 6580 Views • WomenNo Comments

    We were aware that GQ Magazine had form when it comes to featuring hot girls, but we certainly weren’t prepared for the fact that this form was capable of giving Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret a run for their money. So when they say they’ve...

  • SkyLodge

    SkyLodge Adventure Suites

    Jul 17, 15 • 950 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    If you often find yourself cursing the fact that you weren’t born with wings and laugh in the face of those with a fear of heights then the SkyLodge Adventure Suites might be just the thing to help calm that raging demon inside. It’s about the closest...

  • Kokoon_2

    Hang In There: The Best Hammocks for the Home

    Jun 21, 15 • 3230 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    Everyone loves a hammock, and you don’t need the best hammock money can buy to enjoy the unbridled comfort of a simple, portable lounger. The most basic balls of string will do the trick but get yourself a good one and suddenly being stranded on a desert...

  • ecocapsule-2


    Jun 11, 15 • 950 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    Despite looking like a slightly roomier version of those pods in The Matrix that store humans, EcoCapsules are a far more appealing space to be enclosed in and just about the most futuristic retreat we’ve seen yet. Roomy enough to comfortably house two...

  • RailywayHouse

    Railway House

    Jun 4, 15 • 976 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    It’s not entirely clear why this semi-detached house decided to separate itself from its neighbour, but going by the interiors we’re guessing it’s not because the owners of the Railway House were frustrated with the loud music but couldn’t afford to...

  • PlyFlyKart

    PlyFly Go-Kart

    Jun 4, 15 • 914 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    Bah, plywood. You’re so 1990s! These days if it’s not a composite blend of at least five different elements and has carbon nanotubes sprinkled over the top we’re not interested. But on the other hand – self-assembly flat-packed go-kart that’s...

  • SnapFurniture

    SNAP | Design Your Own Furniture

    Jun 2, 15 • 1021 Views • Furniture, GearNo Comments

    If you ever find yourself hard up enough to not be able to afford furniture – specifically bookshelves, chairs and tables, it’s nice to know that these are the sort of items you can improvise with whatever’s lying around. We’ve got hippies and...

  • batman

    Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer – “All Who Follow You”

    May 29, 15 • 935 Views • Gaming, MediaNo Comments

    When it comes to superheroes you don’t get much better than Batman. When it comes to video games based on superheroes you also don’t get much better than Batman – or at least where Rocksteady Studios is concerned. After releasing two critically...

  • give2

    Givenchy Seventeen Titanium Automatic Edition

    May 28, 15 • 1350 Views • Accessories, Gear, StyleNo Comments

    Givenchy was fairly late to bat in the watch arena but has been making up for lost time since. Designs such as the Seventeen Titanium Automatic Edition seem like something worth waiting for as well, achieving that delicate balance between eye-catching and...

  • bug

    The Bug Movie trailer

    May 26, 15 • 1304 Views • VideosNo Comments

    Would it be churlish of us to describe the Volkswagen Beetle as a “Marmite” car? Some people like it apparently. Actually they love it – eulogise about it – it’s one of the most iconic staples of motoring history and this is despite the fact that...

  • GogglePal


    May 19, 15 • 957 Views • GearNo Comments

    If there’s one thing better than a shiny new gadget that can do something amazing it’s a shiny new gadget that can do something amazing with something you’ve already got. The tech market is still fairly devoid of HUD-based stuff but this is an area that...

  • Nahahum

    Nahahum Canyon Cabin

    May 19, 15 • 939 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    Getting away from it all is all we’ll ever end up doing if people keep creating luxurious abodes in the wilderness like this. It’s the Nahahum Canyon Cabin, near Cashmere, Washington, created by Balance Associates Architects as a 1500 foot square two...