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  • star-wars

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2

    May 15, 15 • 1242 Views • Media, Movies & Shows, VideosNo Comments

    The new Star Wars has done a great job of ticking fan boxes so far with various welcoming glimpses into familiar characters and locations. The second trailer has plenty more treats in store for the anti-JarJar brigade as Disney goes about the business of...

  • TravelWallet

    Travel Wallet

    May 15, 15 • 1019 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Frequent travellers will be familiar with the frustration of juggling documents and ID between easy-access baggage compartments and pockets during the frantic journey through an airport, so something designed to keep them in one place, and importantly inside...

  • GTConcept

    Infiniti Vision Gran Turismo Concept

    May 13, 15 • 965 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Supercar fans should be eternally grateful to the Gran Turismo video game series, a platform which has helped radical designers who like a line of coke with their coffee realise their dreams, and those of every schoolboy who had supercar posters adorning...

  • madmax

    Mad Max: Fury Road Official Retaliate Trailer

    May 11, 15 • 1297 Views • Movies & Shows, VideosNo Comments

    Hands up who wants to know more about the new Mad Max movie! Everyone should have their hands up. In the spirit of the film those who haven’t will have them partially severed and replaced with robotic appendages. Here it is – and there’s quite a lot...

  • Cloud9

    Cloud 9 Fiji

    May 11, 15 • 1171 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    There are few things better to do on a luxury holiday than kick back with a cold beer and watch the waves roll in, but if beach bars full of gringos who had the same idea at 9am that morning aren’t your thing we have just the ticket. Aptly named Cloud 9,...

  • TeslaModelS

    Tesla Model S 70D

    Apr 30, 15 • 843 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Tesla has been leading the charge in the all-electric motor arena for some time and thankfully things have moved on since the strange, pseudo-futuristic, bubbly conceptions of yesteryear. Here’s something they’re introducing right now – the Model S 70D,...

  • MeldKnob

    The Meld Smart Knob

    Apr 30, 15 • 716 Views • GearNo Comments

    There’s something rather suspicious about celebrity chefs who batter their way around a kitchen like they’re putting out invisible fires on the way to whipping up a nice pasta dish, because they never seem to have to attend to the hob. Either these...

  • ShatnerCycle

    William Shatner Rivet Motorcycle

    Apr 29, 15 • 957 Views • Motorcycles, RidesNo Comments

    Despite looking like something you’d expect Golden Age Batman to ride around on there’s something distinctly futuristic about the Rivet Motorcycle – a rather bizarre but strangely attractive mix of steam punk and science fiction that you’d quite like...

  • office_chair

    Audi Autonomous Office Chair

    Apr 29, 15 • 874 Views • VideosNo Comments

    The usual April Fools jokes were doing the rounds on the internets this month in an annual event designed to test the gullibility of folk around the world, and Audi made extra effort with its Autonomous Office Chair. Tongue is too firmly in cheek to ever...

  • KairoSmartBand

    Kairos T Band Smartwatch

    Apr 27, 15 • 889 Views • GearNo Comments

    We’ve just looked at what the Smartwatch market has to offer to people who’d like to retain a bit of understated style with their gadgety notifications, and it’s nice to see the tech boffins attending to the personal attachment someone might get from...

  • adventure

    Adventure Is Calling II

    Apr 25, 15 • 802 Views • VideosNo Comments

    One of the great benefits of advances in technology is that it puts genuinely powerful tools in the hands of individuals, limiting them only by the depth of their imagination and power of their creativity. Adventure is Calling II is an inspiring exhibition in...

  • PorscheBoxterSpyder

    Porsche Boxter Spyder

    Apr 25, 15 • 770 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Porsche is in the news again and this time it’s revisiting a popular modern design for its Boxter roadster – the Boxter Spyder. Initially released in 2010 and going on to garner a bit of a cult following, the 2015 revision is described as “a radical...

  • call-of-duty

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Exo Zombies Infection Trailer

    Apr 19, 15 • 905 Views • Gaming, MediaNo Comments

    When you take one of the most successful video game franchises of all time and mix in one of the most popular sub-genres of all time you know you’re in for a wild ride. The latest injection of zombie-fuelled mayhem into the Call of Duty series continues...

  • avengers

    Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Official Final Trailer

    Apr 19, 15 • 1024 Views • Movies & Shows, VideosNo Comments

    There’s a fair bit of anticipation for the Avengers sequel. Over the years it’s been painfully demonstrated that “less is more” when it comes to cramming multiple fantastical characters on screen, but the first Avengers was a rare occasion in which a...

  • TravelTime

    Patek Philippe 5524G Calatrava Pilot Travel Time

    Apr 14, 15 • 1207 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to timepieces a minimalist approach combined with premium materials and manufacture is surely one of the best ways to get yourself noticed. Such is the case with the Patek Philippe 5524G Calatrava Pilot Travel Time...

  • GigiParis

    Gigi Paris

    Apr 12, 15 • 1372 Views • WomenNo Comments

    Nobody uses the expression “gettin’ jiggy with it” any more, but we’ve found someone who can single-handedly bring it back. It’s Gigi Paris, ladies and gents, the kind of girl that’d make even a man of Will Smith’s stature go weak at the knees....

  • WallHouse

    Wall House

    Apr 10, 15 • 881 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    For most retired couples having a (presumably) unruly child request that they want to move back home would involve shifting a few bits of furniture around and having the Dad begrudgingly clear out his “quiet room” to make room for a sofa bed. Not so if...

  • shwood

    Shwood Eyewear Newspaper Collection

    Apr 10, 15 • 662 Views • GearNo Comments

    Picture the scene – it’s your first meeting at a creative design company and you’re expected to impress.  “How about turning old newspapers into sunglasses” you blurt out, nervously. Everyone goes quiet. You move to get your coat when the boss...

  • RocketBook

    RocketBook: Cloud-Integrated Microwavable Notebook

    Apr 8, 15 • 771 Views • GearNo Comments

    We’ve already seen evidence of the fact that technology companies think people are struggling to do away with the old paper and pen. Who knows if this is actually true, or if there’s even a requirement any more to ensure that your handwriting is of a...

  • GuessConnect

    Guess Connect

    Apr 8, 15 • 704 Views • GearNo Comments

    Smartwatches are still teetering on that technology precipice between “next big thing” and “failed gimmick”. Despite being around for a while they haven’t really taken off and one of the main reasons could be that tricky compromise of style vs...