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  • American Giant Heavyweight Sweatshirts

    American Giant Heavyweight Sweatshirts

    Aug 15, 13 • 1994 Views • StyleNo Comments

    Meet the hooded sweatshirt that Slate dubbed “the greatest hoodie ever made.” American Giant sells durable, stylish, and American-made sweatshirts that are partially inspired by the sweatshirts worn by U.S. Navy servicemen in the 1950s. What makes...

  • Guy using the Stake Grilling Multi Tool to turn sausage.

    Stake Grilling Multi Tool

    Aug 2, 13 • 1066 Views • GearNo Comments

    Every guy wants to be king of the grill, but you can’t be a king without a trusty weapon at your side. King Arthur had Excalibur, and you’ve got the Stake. This totally badass grill tool is part spatula, part stake, and part knife. It has serious...

  • A container of powerful yogurt next to a handful of blueberries.

    Powerful Yogurt

    Jul 8, 13 • 1282 Views • GrubNo Comments

    Fans of USA’s spy drama “Burn Notice” know that super-spy Michael Westin’s favorite snack is yogurt. It’s healthy, packed with protein, and unlikely to give you love handles. Michael Westin is in awesome shape, and tons of guys...

  • Truck spring stools near kitchen bar.

    Truck Spring Stools

    Jul 5, 13 • 4204 Views • GearNo Comments

    Pinterest is usually the haunt of teenage girls and frumpy housewives, but every once in a while something masculine and cool pops up. Case in point: these bar stools made out of repurposed truck springs. Nice as they look in this kitchen, they’d look...

  • Zombie in boot camp training exercises.

    Zombie Boot Camp

    Jul 5, 13 • 2010 Views • Adventure, Hot ReadsNo Comments

    If you’ve got kids, you’re probably getting ready to send them off to summer camp. But why should kids have all the fun? Fantasy camps for adults let you make some amazing memories of your own. Our top pick? This zombie boot camp/survival course...

  • VX Fitzroy rucksack from Mission Workshop.

    VX Fitzroy Rucksack

    Jul 5, 13 • 1176 Views • GearNo Comments

    Whether you’re backpacking across Europe or just trying to navigate through an urban environment, keeping your stuff dry is a big concern. The solution: the VX Fitzroy Rucksack from Mission Workshop in San Francisco. The Fitzroy will set you back a...

  • Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter watch.

    Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter Watch

    Jun 21, 13 • 997 Views • GearNo Comments

    Commercial space travel seems to become more plausible with every passing year, but most men will never have the chance to walk on the surface of the moon. This $115,000 Moon Orbiter watch makes up for that. Designed by RJ-Romain Jerome, the watch actually...

  • conceptcar

    1956 Buick Centurion Concept

    Jun 20, 13 • 1115 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    There’s something exhilarating about looking at old concept cars. This 1956 Buick Centurion concept car manages to be both nostalgic and futuristic at the same time. Featuring whitewall tires, a two-color body, and fairly reasonably-sized fins, this...

  • Ruark Audio R1 sitting on table in the living room.

    Ruark Audio R1

    Jun 20, 13 • 1181 Views • GearNo Comments

    This stereo was recently featured in the Independent‘s list of Best Outdoor Audio Gear. The Ruark Audio R1 might cost you an arm and a leg, but it’s worth every last penny. Boasting your choice of either a swanky tan or black leather carrying...

  • A cup of chocolates from Twice The Vice.

    Twice the Vice

    Jun 14, 13 • 1045 Views • GrubNo Comments

    We recently brought your attention to Beercandy. But what do you do if your boozy tastes range towards strong, premium liquors? That’s when you reach for Twice the Vice, a line of chocolate truffles filled with premium tequila, scotch, bourbon, and...

  • eat_steak

    $555 Steak Dinner | Arlington Club

    Jun 7, 13 • 1582 Views • GrubNo Comments

    Real men eat steak. Really rich men eat $555 steaks. NYC’s swanky Arlington Club steakhouse is in the headlines after debuting an over-the-top steak dinner that serves 4 to 8 hungry guys. This glorious steak is a 72-ounce cowboy ribeye that’s been...