Aviador Tracker Wallet

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Technology has been lightening our pockets for the last decade and for the most part this has been a good thing. But if the most quintessential of all man-accessories – the wallet – bites the dust it would be a sad day indeed.

With wireless payments and catch-all smartphones whittling down its necessity this particular staple’s days could be numbered, and one way to ease the transition might be to pick up a slim wallet. Aviador, makers of the Tracking Wallet, reckon we’re already shifting into this era and its Indiegogo campaign looks to introduce one with a fair few tricks up its sleeve.

The Tracking Wallet is packed with tech, you see, including a Bluetooth tracker that can help locate it and send alerts when it strays more than a certain distance from a smartphone, an alert notification when the wallet’s opened and even a panic alarm that’s activated by cracking the wallet at an angle. There’s also 8GB of flash memory built in because you never know when you might need it, and almost ironically it has built-in NFC, the tech that’ll be sounding the death-knell for physical currency as we know it.

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