Barbeque Bible

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Two things that we’re not sure should go together are barbeques and cookbooks. There’s something not quite right about diluting the distinctive manliness of a barbeque with an instruction book, but fortunately that’s not what’s on the table here. While the Barbeque Bible from Tramontina might look and sound like a cookbook, it actually laughs in the face of your desire to improve your culinary skills by reading and instead presents you with all you need to actually start a barbeque and serve up the food.

What you’ll find when you break the spine is a page made of charcoal that you smash into pieces to use as coal, a page of fire starter paper, aluminium foil, a knife sharpener, salt (in paper form) and *ahem* an apron. There’s even a kitchen cloth and a place mat for serving up the food, and if you need to sharpen your knife, the cover acts as a sharpening stone.

In fact even if you don’t need to sharpen your knife, you should definitely use the cover as a sharpening stone anyway. Sadly it’s not yet available outside Brazil, but you can experience the wonder for yourself with this handy video:

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