Batmobile “Tumbler”

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Holy street-legal Batman! We’re changing our mind about what we want for birthday.

Bale-era Batman’s “Tumbler” wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing of Batmobiles, but it was damn cool all the same. And now it’s street legal. Featuring 44-inch tyres, custom rims, custom-cut windows, seating for two, a Bluetooth stereo with iPod integration, CD and DVD (because even pseudo-Batman needs some downtime) and five cameras to help you with parking. And before you ask – yes, it does come in black.

“This is not a daily driver” goes the description on the James Edition website, purveyors of luxury vehicles and real estate, but crime doesn’t wait for weekends, and neither do aspiring vigilantes, so this bad boy will be hitting the town as and when we damn well please.

Just five have been made, but even with a cool Wayne-esque price tag of $1,000,000 apiece we can’t imagine there’d be a shortage of interest. That’s your birthday and Christmas, though.

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