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Beats Music

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What would you do if someone told you they could build your “perfect” music playlist with just a few bits of basic information? Jump for joy? Don’t be so gullible. Raise an eyebrow with an equal mixture of scepticism and disbelief? That’s more like it.

Well, both eyebrows were raised on reading about the new Beats Music service, competitor to Spotify, Deezer, when it claimed just that. The people choosing your “perfect music” are expert curators driven by a passion for music, naturally, but there are one or two things about the service that make us think it’s not just smoke and mirrors.

Firstly, set favourite artists and genres and give it time to work out what songs you choose to listen to. That should narrow it down a bit.

Secondly, set a mood by choosing a location, how you’re feeling, who you’re with and what style you’d like, which should narrow it down further – enough to be in the right ball-park, we reckon.

There are over 20 million tracks in the database across a myriad of genres and to give you an idea of pricing, an at&t family plan (up to five accounts) costs $14.99 per month, with a 90-day free trial. Mr.DJ, play me a tune!

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