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Candy is delicious. As is beer.

So how in the hell did it take someone this long to combine the two? Well, we can’t answer that question. But we’re sure glad it’s here now.

Beercandy takes jelly, taffy, caramels, and hard candy, and then adds a touch of beer. There are plenty of choices to be had: lager, raspberry lambic, india pale ale, and stout. And the caramels are available in white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate.

Of course, if you find yourself becoming a Beercandy addict, there’s always the Everything Gift Bag, which includes all of the candy that Beercandy makes, in addition to a Beercandy tee-shirt and Beercandy coasters.

Finally, candy is an acceptable gift for men . . . on any occasion.

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