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bildu Angular Desk

May 27 • Furniture, Gear • 1359 Views • No Comments on bildu Angular Desk

The humble computer desk is an unassuming thing, happy to go about its business of holding your hordes of gadgets at eye level while having no real ambitions to make any style statements of its own.

That is until now. The bildu takes the rather innovative approach of dispensing with that quintessential element of a desk – a flat surface – and replaces it with what looks like a mountain terrain of polygonal shapes that gives the impression of being carved roughly from a single trunk of wood.

These ridges have a purpose other than an improved aesthetic – many of them double up with functional benefits such as a tablet stand, built-in USB hubs and little grooves to hold pens and other office-like paraphernalia. There’s a secret drawer in which you can “hide” your notebook while still using connected peripherals from the surface, and thankfully there are flat areas to write on so it’s not entirely useless as a good old fashion desk. And check out the little flash drives with a similarly-angled design! How cute.

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