Breuer Cabin

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Next time you see someone rooting through a skip or driving rubbish away from the local refuse don’t be too quick to judge – they could be scavenging materials to make something like the Breuer Cabin. Beginning with an uncompleted, ramshackle old hut it has been almost entirely reconstructed from reconstituted materials. But one man’s junk and all that – and designer Olle Lundberg insisted on the very best materials to build the steel sash windows, multicoloured slate floors, redwood sidings and white pine interiors that add a touch of rustic chic.

Included is a 25 foot diameter by 14 foot deep circular pool that owes its rather peculiar dimensions to the fact that it was a former livestock watering tank built from 80 year old virgin-growth redwood, and Lundberg has even thrown in an outdoor kitchen when he managed to get his hands on a pizza oven, cooking hearth and tandoor.

Olle claims that what’s different about this product is that it gave him the “Zen experience” of building it up gradually at his leisure.

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