Brillhart house

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When it comes to combining a modern luxury retreat with the (otherwise) untouched beauty of nature they don’t come much better than the Brillhart house, an ambitious self-build project in the heart of tropical Miami.

Sitting five feet above the ground (presumably to give you some degree of protection against nefarious tropical insects and rodents and the like) its 100 feet of uninterrupted glazing means residents not only get an abundance of natural lighting but also a superb view of the surrounding forest area, with four sets of sliding glass doors allowing the front of the property to effectively be completely opened up to the environment outside.

As you’ll see from the interiors from the above link, the inside is far from your typical log cabin, with a modern kitchen and dining area with marble surfaces and contemporary fittings, ample sleeping accommodation and a swish looking bathroom. There’s also another giant porch at the rear of the house and lit up at night we’re sure you’ll agree it looks pretty spectacular.

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