Cabot Golf

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What is golf, exactly? Is it right for a competitive activity that comprises of 95% walking slowly across a field to be classified as a sport? That’s a discussion for another time, but we would opine that those who are fans of the game are also fans of walking, fresh air, and if they’re available, breathtaking views. And they don’t come much more breathtaking than Cabot Links, a course set on the shoreline of Cape Breton just off Nova Scotia.

Offering pure links play and most importantly, the sort of panoramic vistas that’d keep you there for the whole day, you can make a weekend of it by staying at the Cabot Links Lodge, where each of the guest rooms features floor to ceiling ocean views, dine on local seafood cooked by award-winning chefs and take in the dramatic colours of the Cape Breton sunset from your balcony. Try not to forget to finish your round before you leave.

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