Carbon Flyer

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Building paper aeroplanes is a staple part of being a child – hell, it’s a staple part of being an adult if the boss skips out of the office for a couple of hours. But if you were to tell your childhood contemporaries that in a couple of decades they’d be flying paper aeroplanes made of carbon fiber with an onboard video camera that’s controlled by a smartphone you’d probably be laughed at and pushed around the schoolyard until you cried and peed your pants.

But you’d be right – this is exactly what we have on offer in the Carbon Flyer, an Indiegogo project that’s finished initial funding and is already selling out of advanced orders. Aside from being the world’s first all-carbon fiber “personal drone” (that’s what they’re called now) it features an ultra-low drag delta-wing design, dual powered motors and is assembled using futuristic nanotube enhanced epoxy. Controlled via long-range Bluetooth 4.0, it’ll work at up to 80 yards from line of sight and can reach speeds that are described as the scale equivalent of 640kph, which sounds fast, for approximately three minutes of flight time.

Though the initial goal has been achieved, if Carbon Flyers reaches the stretch goal they’re gonna introduce remotely operable cameras and LED running lights, so there’s still a good reason to chip in.

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