casa incubo

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If you were asked somewhere for dinner only to find out that person lived in a bunch of old shipping containers you’d probably politely decline, but in the case of Maria José Trejos you’d be making a mistake. Architect and creator of Casa Incubo, Trejos has created an envious abode from eight such containers surrounding a large cedar tree, allegedly to represent the encompassing idea of the project as an icon of sustainability.

A central double-height module offers a spacious and airy main reception room that also provides the ventilation. Rainwater harvesting and a reflective roof underlines its claim as an eco-sustainable solution. There’s a first floor that’s more attuned to social activities, an office, photo gallery, dining room and kitchen complete with quartz tabletop and a breakfast bar are all open-plan and with a second floor terrace and rooftop garden there’s an impressive amount of room to stretch your legs.

As you’ll see from the range of photos in the link above it’s an enviable conversion to say the least.

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