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  • Shackleton

    Spirit of Shackleton

    May 23, 17 • 400 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    For those who appreciate the purity and majesty of a landscape untouched by human hand, Antarctica should be high on the list of places to visit. And if you have a few weeks to spare, Spirit of Shackleton would be a good place to start. Named after the...

  • Shiki

    Train Suite Shiki-Shima

    May 23, 17 • 290 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    Japan is no stranger to innovation when it comes to railway. The Shinkansen high-speed bullet-trains set world records for speed, something that clearly attracted the attention of Ferrari when it got its designers involved in its cruise trains. Well, Japan...

  • Egg

    The Solar Egg

    May 23, 17 • 391 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    Despite looking like a set from a sci-fi blockbuster, the Solar Egg is in fact very real. When Swedish art duo Bigert & Bergström were commissioned to design and build a giant sculptural chamber in the form of an egg, they were only too happy to oblige....

  • Moss2

    Lava Cove and Moss Hotel, Blue Lagoon Iceland

    Apr 24, 17 • 453 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    There are spas, and there as SPAs. The one serving Moss Hotel in Iceland is definitely the latter. Lava cove is a subterranean spa on the shore of Blue Lagoon, built into an 800 year old lava flow with geothermal sea water and a unique landscape that includes...

  • Ryokan

    Nobu Ryokan Japanese Style Inn

    Apr 24, 17 • 291 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    Despite sounding like the ancestral home of a Capcom Streetfighter, The Nobu Ryokan, in Malibu, California, is available to all. With relaxation facilities that would certainly be welcomed by the tired muscles of a veteran brawler, Ryokan describes itself as...

  • Awa

    Hotel Awa

    Apr 24, 17 • 332 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    If your idea of the perfect getaway involves an emphasis on fine cuisine, look no further than Hotel Awa – a gastronomy-inspired retreat in Los Lagos, Chile, just 20 minutes away from Puerto Varas downtown. It sits just 20 meters from Llanquihue Lake´s...

  • Lofoten

    Lofoten Opera Hotel

    Nov 6, 15 • 1097 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    Despite looking more than a little bit like Gandalf’s Middle Earth holiday home, the Lofoten Opera Hotel is a real thing – an 11,000 square meter hotel and residential complex in Norway’s Lofoten archipelago and a spectacular architectural triumph....

  • SkyLodge

    SkyLodge Adventure Suites

    Jul 17, 15 • 927 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    If you often find yourself cursing the fact that you weren’t born with wings and laugh in the face of those with a fear of heights then the SkyLodge Adventure Suites might be just the thing to help calm that raging demon inside. It’s about the closest...

  • Safari_Lodge

    Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

    Jun 29, 15 • 1034 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    It’s said that ‘Good architecture lets nature in.’ This design from Nicholas Plewman Architects is so good, the native elephants, hippos, lions and leopards continue to live on and use the site as if these buildings had never emerged out of the Okavango...

  • Cloud9

    Cloud 9 Fiji

    May 11, 15 • 1171 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    There are few things better to do on a luxury holiday than kick back with a cold beer and watch the waves roll in, but if beach bars full of gringos who had the same idea at 9am that morning aren’t your thing we have just the ticket. Aptly named Cloud 9,...

  • river_trek

    River trek Neora Valley

    Mar 19, 15 • 957 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    Somewhere beyond the overcrowded cities there are places in India where nature hasn’t been beaten down within an inch of its life. One of these is Bengal state’s Neora Valley National Park in, an area with such an important biodiversity that it is on...

  • ShipInTheIce

    Ship in the Ice

    Feb 11, 15 • 1175 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    Considering it’s one of the coldest and most inhospitable places on earth there’s something strangely alluring about exploring the arctic. Of course today’s modern conveniences make it a lot easier than it used to be to traverse this terrifying terrain,...

  • ArcticTrucks

    Arctic Trucks Experience

    Nov 12, 14 • 1620 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    If you ever fancied exploring the Arctic then aside from putting your life in the hands (or rather, paws) of wild dogs there’s only one true way to do it – in a nice, safe truck. And these days there are some pretty fancy vehicles knocking about that can...

  • NikeTeague

    Nike Teague Plane

    Oct 14, 14 • 1264 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    Footballers are a pampered lot. In between entertaining us by kicking a ball around a field a couple of times a week they’re earning the kinds of wages that could eradicate world hunger, pulling the kind of women that’d satisfy a Saudi Prince and buying...

  • Crystal-Serenity

    The Northwest Passage | Crystal Cruises

    Sep 18, 14 • 1304 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    For a long time, cruise ships were the domain of grannies and widows, but now they’ve become cool with a younger crowd. You won’t find a cruise more chilled than Crystal Cruises’ route from Alaska, across the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, to Greenland,...

  • Vertigo and Moon Bar

    Vertigo and Moon Bar

    Aug 23, 14 • 1254 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    Bangkok has a few rooftop restaurants and bars, but it’s fair to say that from 61 floors up in the Banyan Tree Resort, the Vertigo and Moon bar looks down on all the others. This is a true open-air rooftop venue – beware of throwing salt over your...

  • Arctic-Swell-Surfing

    Arctic Swell – Surfing the Ends of the Earth

    Aug 7, 14 • 1637 Views • Adventure, VideosNo Comments

    Ok I’ll admit it – I’m not a surfer. I’ve tried it before, but like many things didn’t pursue it because I wasn’t great at it right away. And more importantly, it was cold, I don’t like early mornings, and it takes too much effort to get good...

  • Mall Of The World

    Mall Of The World

    Jul 13, 14 • 1245 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    If Dubai has its way, Mall of America will soon look like a flea market. Officials in the city have plans to build–what they’re calling–the Mall Of The World. The project will essentially be a temperature-controlled city, all inside of a single...

  • four-season-private-jet-experience

    Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

    Jun 10, 14 • 1390 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    You can choose an ideal destination, stay in fancy hotels and fly Business Class, but will you really ‘feel like a rock star’? You will with The Four Seasons Private Jet Experience ­– but without having to tour Brussels! The experience starts with the...

  • WeekendCabin

    North Of The Sun

    May 28, 14 • 1357 Views • AdventureNo Comments

    For some people life is about more than repetitive routines, daily grinds, and laborious long hours. For others it is about experiences, about forgoing the banal in favour of the unpredictable. Often dismissed by those who don’t have the desire or ability...