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  • pplkpr


    Feb 11, 15 • 1546 Views • AppsNo Comments

    Most of us are used to technology sticking its nose into pretty much every aspect of our lives – hell a lot of us even embrace it, but we think that there’s a line somewhere on the horizon that signifies when it’s gone too far. Standing astride this...

  • WhiteAlbum

    White Album

    Jan 28, 15 • 1191 Views • AppsNo Comments

    Digital cameras are still treading water amongst a swathe of increasingly capable smartphones but film cameras and Polaroids have now been pretty much consigned to the bottom of the pool. Does anyone miss taking a photo and keeping fingers crossed that it...

  • survival-app-fd

    Army Survival APP

    Dec 2, 14 • 1463 Views • AppsNo Comments

    See that kid on the subway with the emo-flap hair and pasty face buried in his iPhone? Looks can deceive. He could be solving manly issues, like how to treat his trenchfoot, or how to procure water from porous rock once his Frappuccino runs dry. You never...

  • hyperlapse

    Hyperlapse from Instagram

    Nov 27, 14 • 1326 Views • AppsNo Comments

    Sadly, no-one has time to watch the video footage of your entire five mile trail run or the three hours of the music festival you recorded… on your phone. Even if they did, they would probably get motion sickness from the camera jerkiness – it’s no...

  • Shortcut


    Nov 20, 14 • 1263 Views • AppsNo Comments

    For most men getting a haircut is a bit of a chore – especially if you suffer from more bad hair days than Donald Trump. But when it gets to the point where even your wife/girlfriend refuses to walk on the same side of the street as you, you know the time...

  • Gif

    GIF Keyboard

    Oct 27, 14 • 1081 Views • AppsNo Comments

    Animated GIFs have seen a bit of a comeback since people realised they could share short videos on their Smartphone quite easily and websites like Vine started handing out awards. Providing people with a nice, efficient way of managing this sort of thing is a...

  • steady-cam

    Steady Camera

    Sep 24, 14 • 1190 Views • AppsNo Comments

    Until now, shaky hand-helm camerawork was the distinguishing feature that divided the amateurs from the professional movie-makers – unless, of course, you work with horror or the supernatural. Now that line has blurred with an app that lets anyone with an...

  • spyglass


    Jul 30, 14 • 1288 Views • AppsNo Comments

    I do sports where there’s a real chance of getting lost. A common joke is about the guy who, when asked to show his compass at the pre-race equipment check, pulls out his iPhone. Now the joke’s been flipped on its head. Spyglass is an advanced compass and...

  • up-coffee

    UP Coffee

    Apr 29, 14 • 1492 Views • AppsNo Comments

    For many people a regular intake of caffeine is as essential as the air we breathe, but despite being the “good guy” in a list of typical vices that might include drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, that innocent old cup of Joe isn’t without its own...

  • choicemap


    Apr 11, 14 • 1477 Views • AppsNo Comments

    If you don’t believe FatalDose to be the quintessential website for your daily fix of all that’s manly, you need to download and use ChoiceMap immediately – it’s an app that helps people make better decisions. No, seriously. This thing claims to...

  • beats music

    Beats Music

    Feb 17, 14 • 1107 Views • AppsNo Comments

    What would you do if someone told you they could build your “perfect” music playlist with just a few bits of basic information? Jump for joy? Don’t be so gullible. Raise an eyebrow with an equal mixture of scepticism and disbelief? That’s more like...

  • plowz


    Jan 24, 14 • 1696 Views • AppsNo Comments

    The problems with relying on the neighbourhood kids to shovel the snow from your drive is much the same as the problems with street hookers – they’re only available certain hours, they don’t take credit cards and you can’t always tell whether they...

  • Pizza Compass app on the iPhone.

    Pizza Compass

    Nov 3, 13 • 1346 Views • AppsNo Comments

    There are really only a few things necessary in order to achieve manhood. Declaring pizza your favorite food is one of them. Fortunately, some genius out there was kind enough to bring us all the Pizza Compass app. Put simply, the...

  • Bartlett's Familiar Quotations quote app on the iPhone.

    Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations

    Nov 3, 13 • 1313 Views • AppsNo Comments

    How would you like to inherit wisdom spanning almost 5,000 years? Sounds like a lot of studying, right? Not quite. The Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations quote app allows you to search through a collection of 20,000 quotations right from your iPhone or...