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  • Miito

    Miito Electric Kettle

    Feb 19, 15 • 932 Views • Gear, KitchenNo Comments

    We’re fed up with kettles. Of all the appliances you’ll see dotted around a modern home, this is one that’s made no effort to move with the times and reimagine itself with a futuristic twist or a radical new feature – until now. Here we have the...

  • Stirio


    Jan 6, 15 • 1097 Views • Gear, KitchenNo Comments

    The culinary-challenged among us may relate to getting the “stirring job” on a joint cooking operation. It’s an important job but let’s face it, doesn’t leave a lot of room for retaining your dignity or arguing that you really contributed. Here’s...

  • beer-freeze

    Beer Freeze

    Oct 20, 14 • 1465 Views • Gear, KitchenNo Comments

    When you’re aching for a beer and there are none in the fridge there are very few options available – either suck in a warm brewski or park one in the freezer and wait patiently until it’s ready. So really, there’s no option at all, unless you have a...

  • Synek


    Sep 10, 14 • 1265 Views • Gear, KitchenNo Comments

    Maybe you like to flip the lid off a bottle or crack open a can, but you’ll love your beer even more when you can tap a draft at home. Synek is a draft system about the size of a toaster oven that allows you to fill up your Synek bag with any beer in...

  • Balls of Steel being placed in glass.

    Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers

    Oct 3, 13 • 2516 Views • Hot Reads, Kitchen1 Comment

    Relax, we’re not referring to Superman’s anatomy here. Balls of Steel is a genuine product that chills your whiskey down to the perfect temperature. Why not ice cubes, you ask? Because ice not only makes the whiskey too cold, but it also waters...

  • A full course meal being cooked on a SteakStone.


    Aug 17, 13 • 2328 Views • KitchenNo Comments

    Steak. It’s juicy. It’s salty. It tastes like meat. What more could you ask for? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has a secret variant for men that is basically just steak. That said, cooking a decent a steak in your kitchen can be a bit of a...

  • A Date With Wine wine stopper and bottle of wine.

    A Date With Wine

    Jul 28, 13 • 1656 Views • Gear, Kitchen, SlideshowNo Comments

    Did you know that wine only lasts for about 3 days after it’s opened? And that, as oxidation sets in, the tastes and aromas change? Neither did we. Fortunately for us, New York based designer George Lee invented this little gadget. A Date With Wine is...