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  • bootlegger

    Bootlegger Photo Series Aperture Pack

    Mar 22, 15 • 622 Views • GearNo Comments

    A man is not a camel, so the saying goes, but if you’re a photographer on the go, the strain of moving gear can begin to feel somewhat dromedary. A good backpack becomes a must-have, and The Aperture Photo Pack from Boreas comes with a system that allows...

  • NeptuneDuo

    Neptune Duo Smartwatch

    Mar 18, 15 • 709 Views • GearNo Comments

    The technology industry is waiting with bated breath for Apple to release its smart watch. Not because it’s necessarily better than what is around already, but because smart watches haven’t really taken off and nobody really knows if they ever will. Going...

  • Cessare

    Cesarré sculptors

    Mar 16, 15 • 1028 Views • Furniture, GearNo Comments

    If there’s one thing the French know how to do well it’s quiet minimalism. If there’s another it’s that they never shut up about it. And if you’ve bought something from one of Cesarré’s sculptors you wouldn’t either – these beautiful...

  • tread

    Tread™ QM1

    Mar 16, 15 • 607 Views • GearNo Comments

    I get tired of people telling me that they never wear a watch anymore because they can use their phone to tell the time. But can your phone cut your seatbelt when you’re trapped in a car? Does it come with a carbide glass-breaker to bust through the window?...

  • Nexx-X60-Cork

    Nexx X60 Cork

    Mar 16, 15 • 497 Views • GearNo Comments

    A cork finish on your brain-bucket is a real head-turner, plus it makes all the sense in the world. Cork is a natural fire retardant and it has a bubble-form structure that acts as an acoustic and thermal insulation, which is why it is used in house walls....

  • snolo_fd

    Scion | Snolo Sleds

    Mar 10, 15 • 698 Views • GearNo Comments

    For most of us, our first experience of speed on snow was sledding – even if that sled was a sheet of plastic. It was raw fun, but then we experienced the extra speed and coordination afforded by more high-tech design. Here’s an idea – why not take the...

  • LiefSnowboard

    LEIF eSnowboard

    Mar 3, 15 • 605 Views • GearNo Comments

    If snowboarding is more akin to skateboarding, and skiing is more akin to rollerblading then it’s no surprise that snowboarding is the “cool” option when it comes to winter sports – nobody looks cool on rollerblades unless they’re female and wearing...

  • microsoft-hub

    Microsoft Surface Hub

    Feb 23, 15 • 770 Views • GearNo Comments

    Meetings are boring. If your office has reached the point when someone has called a meeting to discuss the fact that there are too many meetings, you know it’s time for something to change. Microsoft has come up with an idea that’ll jazz up the tired...

  • Miito

    Miito Electric Kettle

    Feb 19, 15 • 930 Views • Gear, KitchenNo Comments

    We’re fed up with kettles. Of all the appliances you’ll see dotted around a modern home, this is one that’s made no effort to move with the times and reimagine itself with a futuristic twist or a radical new feature – until now. Here we have the...

  • Smartring

    MOTA Smartring

    Feb 16, 15 • 771 Views • GearNo Comments

    We looked at a smart ring over a year ago but despite the apparent modern penchant for anything gadgety that’s also wearable, can honestly say we’ve never seen one in the wild. Could it be one of those things that seems like a great idea but never really...

  • Monopoly

    Real Money Monopoly

    Feb 9, 15 • 1028 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    If you’re a bit of a Monopoly nut you’d probably look at a game of Monopoly that’s played for real money and say “pffft – we do that all the time”. But that’s exactly what’s on offer for the iconic board game’s 80th anniversary – the...

  • quercus_fd


    Feb 3, 15 • 1005 Views • Furniture, GearNo Comments

    Upcycled is the new recycled, and this lamp from designer Max Ashford shows just how cool it can be. Quercus is designed to be a sustainable, stylish and functional desk lamp for professionals, although it also serves as a great illuminated trophy for former...

  • FreezerBrew

    French Door Refrigerator with Keurig Brewing System

    Feb 2, 15 • 667 Views • GearNo Comments

    Clearly the “coolest” modern fridges are those giant American style ones with ice-makers/cold water dispensers built into the door, but being large and expensive they can prove be a difficult luxury purchase to justify. And now thanks to GE Appliances,...

  • HelmetLock

    Helmetlok Gen II Combination Lock

    Jan 30, 15 • 602 Views • GearNo Comments

    There’s something strangely aesthetically pleasing about carabiners. This would certainly be the case if you were dangling from a ledge at 4,000 feet and had mere seconds to secure a firm support before plummeting to your death, but even for the average Joe...

  • Bose_NCancel

    Bose QuietComfort 20i

    Jan 30, 15 • 769 Views • GearNo Comments

    By now most people should be aware that Bose audio technology isn’t cheap. Famous for inhabiting that Sunday newspaper magazine back-cover with aesthetically pleasing kit that promises the sort of audio you’d only dream of, but without showing a price, a...

  • glow-table2

    Glow Table

    Jan 22, 15 • 1502 Views • Furniture, GearNo Comments

    Tables can be handsome, but you could never really describe them as mesmerizing… until now. Mike Warren has found a way to make a table that you will want to stare at, then come back and see it at other times of day so you can see it in different light....

  • Sonabar

    Somabar Robotic Bartender

    Jan 14, 15 • 834 Views • GearNo Comments

    If you’ve tried and failed at becoming a cocktail maestro then all is not lost – the awesome power of automatons is at your disposal with the Somabar Robotic Bartender, a device that will listen to your tales of woe without interrupting or complaining and...

  • JagSmart

    Jaguar Smart Windscreen

    Jan 14, 15 • 677 Views • GearNo Comments

    If you like the sound of the Navdy you’re going to love what Jaguar’s doing with its new Land Rover.  Seemingly on a mission to realise the future of in-car technology today, what it has delivered here is a virtual urban windscreen that overlays a whole...

  • SirenPro

    iLuv SyrenPro

    Jan 12, 15 • 562 Views • GearNo Comments

    These days, everyone’s a DJ. Now that we’re all carrying devices around that can hold entire libraries of music it’s almost impossible to play some of your own tunes at a party or social gathering without someone else wanting in on the action. Being a...

  • bluesmart


    Jan 12, 15 • 501 Views • GearNo Comments

    Arriving at a holiday destination only to find your luggage has gone walkabout is pretty much a worst case scenario for budding travellers, but this is the era of smart technology and there’s no reason why your humble suitcase shouldn’t get an injection...