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  • bose-soundlink-color

    Soundlink Color

    Jan 8, 15 • 473 Views • GearNo Comments

    Black plastic or chrome finish doesn’t usually reflect your musical tastes, so Bose has come up with the SoundLink® Color Bluetooth speaker that’s available in a spectrum of colors. If music is your motivation and you want to share that with others (or...

  • Stirio


    Jan 6, 15 • 1092 Views • Gear, KitchenNo Comments

    The culinary-challenged among us may relate to getting the “stirring job” on a joint cooking operation. It’s an important job but let’s face it, doesn’t leave a lot of room for retaining your dignity or arguing that you really contributed. Here’s...

  • Yotaphone2

    Yotaphone 2

    Jan 6, 15 • 526 Views • GearNo Comments

    Smartphones have done a great job of cutting down on the amount of gadgets we need to carry but there are some situations where it’s no substitute for a dedicated device. Take reading e-books for example – the soft, papery glow of an e-book reader is...

  • bmw-parking

    BMW Remote Valet Parking Assistant

    Jan 5, 15 • 564 Views • GearNo Comments

    Soon you could have something in common with Knightrider, Batman, and James Bond – a car that comes on command and parks itself. Valets? They’ll go the way of music cassettes if BMW’s Remote Valet Parking Assistant takes off. Self-driving cars have...

  • JDSled

    Jack Daniels Whiskey Sled

    Dec 27, 14 • 713 Views • GearNo Comments

    When you’re out trekking through the snow it’s worth bearing mind that if you get stuck, St.Bernard rescue dogs with bottles of whiskey tied around their necks aren’t nearly as reliable as they used to be. You’d be far better off ensuring...

  • audioengine

    Audioengine B2 Premium Bluetooth Speaker

    Dec 23, 14 • 527 Views • GearNo Comments

    Bluetooth speakers can often be fiddly at best and a compromise at worst. Audioengine offers a speaker that is neither, but instead is a handsome piece of furniture that packs a deep, tight bass in a small speaker. You can wirelessly stream all your music to...

  • mountain-surfer

    Mountain Surfer | Jones Snowboards

    Dec 19, 14 • 707 Views • GearNo Comments

    Jones Snowboards has put fun and passion back at the forefront of snowboarding and recognized that any good 100-foot roadside snowdrift or backyard stash is an opportunity to slash and ollie – and the Mountain Surfer is the board you want on hand to do it...

  • beambox

    The Beambox

    Dec 19, 14 • 572 Views • GearNo Comments

    The Beambox dates back to the days when “wireless Bluetooth” was an infected molar pulled out with a pair of pliers. That’s because each Beambox started out as beams in old barns. Clawhammer Co. reclaims this hand-hewn barn wood and hones its shape to...

  • CampCoffee

    Camp Coffee Kit | Bush Smarts

    Dec 18, 14 • 635 Views • GearNo Comments

    Don’t let the name deceive you – the Camp Coffee Kit isn’t a jar of Nescafe shrink-wrapped in Day-Glo spandex  and tied with a pink ribbon – this rather sophisticated package is designed to ensure that you never have to spend a night under the stars...

  • TravelCocktailKit

    Travel Cocktail Kit

    Dec 10, 14 • 667 Views • GearNo Comments

    If you’ve seen “Cocktail” you probably went through a phase of throwing bottles and cocktail shakers around in an attempt to prove it’s as easy as it looks on film. You also probably went through a phase of learning exactly which cleaning products...

  • CarbonFlyer

    Carbon Flyer

    Dec 8, 14 • 1171 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    Building paper aeroplanes is a staple part of being a child – hell, it’s a staple part of being an adult if the boss skips out of the office for a couple of hours. But if you were to tell your childhood contemporaries that in a couple of decades they’d...

  • lumu1


    Dec 1, 14 • 805 Views • GearNo Comments

    Lumu is the size of a 50-cent piece, requires no batteries, and yet it brings (with the companion app) a kit of light-metering tools to your iPhone. This tiny white sphere is responsible for much of the difference between amateur quality and professional. For...

  • avi-on-fd


    Nov 27, 14 • 569 Views • GearNo Comments

    DIY is an important skill for every man to master, but it’s one that is becoming less and less important in the ever-emerging world of technology, where anything from lighting a fire to reading a map has been simplified to the point of obscurity by lovely,...

  • MSHealth

    Microsoft Health

    Nov 24, 14 • 649 Views • GearNo Comments

    Health and fitness gadgets are the biggest new craze in consumer technology and are selling so well right now we feel it’s reasonable to ask why the streets aren’t filled with Olympic-level athletes in the peak of physical condition. The answer, most...

  • glass-ping-pong-table

    TravisMathew Glass Top Ping Pong Table

    Nov 24, 14 • 560 Views • GearNo Comments

    When a ping-pong table is sold with a wine bucket and not 10, but 100 ping-pong balls, you know it’s made with some wild times in mind. On the other hand, the slick made-to-order glass top makes a classy addition to the rec room or creative space of any...

  • shower-1

    Horizontal Shower

    Nov 14, 14 • 738 Views • GearNo Comments

    If you’ve ever sat on the floor of a shower stall or ever felt the time and effort required to run a bath was all too much, then then you’ll dig the Horizontal Shower from Dornbracht. Instead of a shower stall, you have a reclining space. Instead of a...

  • orwell

    Orwell | Goula Figuera

    Nov 11, 14 • 1013 Views • Furniture, GearNo Comments

    George Orwell may have been down and out in Paris and London, but he would have been very comfortable if he’d had the option to cosy up in this hybrid piece of furniture that bears his name. It’s somewhere between a sofa, a bed, and a child’s cubby...

  • bluetooth_gramaphone

    The Bluetooth Gramophone | Gramovox

    Nov 10, 14 • 784 Views • GearNo Comments

    You’ve seen LP record players with USB connections, now the juxtaposition of old audio paraphernalia with new technology has taken another leap across the generations. The latest device to be reanimated via computer technology is the gramophone horn...

  • Ampy


    Nov 7, 14 • 671 Views • GearNo Comments

    All we want for Christmas is a Smartphone that lasts more than a day. If we must live out our lives controlling every minutiae through a 5” screen the least one can expect is not to also spend it camped out at a power outlet. Though there are a myriad of...

  • Governed

    Ungoverned Powered Board

    Nov 5, 14 • 696 Views • GearNo Comments

    We’ve looked at skateboards before on Fataldose – last time it was about manoeuvrability and precision, this time it’s about raw power. If skateboards were cars, the Ungoverned Powered Board would be a monster truck. It features two articulated tracks...