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  • Guy showing off the Kite Mosquito Patch.

    Kite Mosquito Patch

    Aug 8, 13 • 701 Views • GearNo Comments

    With every passing minute another child in Africa dies from malaria. That’s a pretty startling fact. Kite wants to help. Their new patch allows humans to go undetected by mosquitoes for up to 48 hours. It works by blocking mosquitoes’ ability to...

  • Guy using the Stake Grilling Multi Tool to turn sausage.

    Stake Grilling Multi Tool

    Aug 2, 13 • 928 Views • GearNo Comments

    Every guy wants to be king of the grill, but you can’t be a king without a trusty weapon at your side. King Arthur had Excalibur, and you’ve got the Stake. This totally badass grill tool is part spatula, part stake, and part knife. It has serious...

  • Matches and parts from the Exotact nanoSTRIKER.

    Exotact nanoSTRIKER

    Jul 29, 13 • 847 Views • GearNo Comments

    You never know when you might find yourself in a survival situation. If/when that time comes, fire could very well be your best friend. And besides, all real men love fire anyway. The Exotact nanoSTRIKER is a stylish, compact firestarter. Its sexy,...

  • A Date With Wine wine stopper and bottle of wine.

    A Date With Wine

    Jul 28, 13 • 1430 Views • Gear, Kitchen, SlideshowNo Comments

    Did you know that wine only lasts for about 3 days after it’s opened? And that, as oxidation sets in, the tastes and aromas change? Neither did we. Fortunately for us, New York based designer George Lee invented this little gadget. A Date With Wine is...

  • Guy in his car pouring coffee from the Handpresso Auto.

    Handpresso Auto

    Jul 28, 13 • 1307 Views • Features, Gear, Hot ReadsNo Comments

    Why spend $7 at Starbucks when you can have your own espresso on the go? The Handpresso Auto plugs directly into your car’s lighter socket and fits right into a cup holder. When you’re ready for your coffee break, simply add water along with an...

  • Auto furniture from the Spirit of 427 Collection.

    Spirit of 427 Collection

    Jul 28, 13 • 1624 Views • Features, FurnitureNo Comments

    We’re convinced, no man cave could ever be complete without a sofa from the Spirit of 427 Collection. This collection of automobile furniture was designed by LA Design Studio and consists of a sofa, armchair, conference table, coffee table, office...

  • Pair of Ring Clocks on the table.

    Ring Clock

    Jul 25, 13 • 2680 Views • Features, Gear, Hot ReadsNo Comments

    It’s no secret that men loves gadgets, especially if they’re unique and something that we can fidget with. Allow me to introduce you to the Ring Clock. Designed by Szikszai Gusztáv for a CGSociety challenge, this minimal piece of jewelry...

  • Miniature hatchet on rope.

    Joseph Bowen Micro Hatchet TAD Edition

    Jul 16, 13 • 1210 Views • GearNo Comments

    Joseph Bowen has a family history of blacksmiths and fishermen. Pair that with his love for knifes and you tend to get some pretty cool gadgets. This Micro Hatchet is literally a hatchet the size of a knife. It fits into a Kydex slip sheath and is small...

  • Kid playing on dad's t-shirt.

    Play Mat T-Shirt

    Jul 15, 13 • 1174 Views • GearNo Comments

    If you happen to be married with kids, you know that back massages are a thing of the past. You and your wife are likely too busy trying to entertain the children. But who says the little rascals can’t entertain themselves while you enjoy a bit of...

  • Truck spring stools near kitchen bar.

    Truck Spring Stools

    Jul 5, 13 • 4009 Views • GearNo Comments

    Pinterest is usually the haunt of teenage girls and frumpy housewives, but every once in a while something masculine and cool pops up. Case in point: these bar stools made out of repurposed truck springs. Nice as they look in this kitchen, they’d look...

  • VX Fitzroy rucksack from Mission Workshop.

    VX Fitzroy Rucksack

    Jul 5, 13 • 1120 Views • GearNo Comments

    Whether you’re backpacking across Europe or just trying to navigate through an urban environment, keeping your stuff dry is a big concern. The solution: the VX Fitzroy Rucksack from Mission Workshop in San Francisco. The Fitzroy will set you back a...

  • Double barrel pistols and bullets.

    Double Barrel Pistol | Arsenal Firearms

    Jun 25, 13 • 1539 Views • Gear, Hot ReadsNo Comments

    Looking to pack heat like Rambo, but not quite sold on missile launchers? We get it. You want something that’ll fit in your pocket, but also make grown men cry if necessary. Well gentlemen, the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol is the only security system...

  • Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter watch.

    Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter Watch

    Jun 21, 13 • 936 Views • GearNo Comments

    Commercial space travel seems to become more plausible with every passing year, but most men will never have the chance to walk on the surface of the moon. This $115,000 Moon Orbiter watch makes up for that. Designed by RJ-Romain Jerome, the watch actually...

  • Ruark Audio R1 sitting on table in the living room.

    Ruark Audio R1

    Jun 20, 13 • 1110 Views • GearNo Comments

    This stereo was recently featured in the Independent‘s list of Best Outdoor Audio Gear. The Ruark Audio R1 might cost you an arm and a leg, but it’s worth every last penny. Boasting your choice of either a swanky tan or black leather carrying...