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  • Parrot_Hydro

    Parrot Hydrofoil Drone

    Jul 21, 15 • 1149 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    Parrot has made a name for itself building fancy tech toys and remains unquenched in its thirst to churn out Bond-esque gadgetry for big kids. This time it’s taking to the water with the new Hydrofoil Drone, which promises to be about as much fun as you...

  • PlyFlyKart

    PlyFly Go-Kart

    Jun 4, 15 • 892 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    Bah, plywood. You’re so 1990s! These days if it’s not a composite blend of at least five different elements and has carbon nanotubes sprinkled over the top we’re not interested. But on the other hand – self-assembly flat-packed go-kart that’s...

  • Monopoly

    Real Money Monopoly

    Feb 9, 15 • 1028 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    If you’re a bit of a Monopoly nut you’d probably look at a game of Monopoly that’s played for real money and say “pffft – we do that all the time”. But that’s exactly what’s on offer for the iconic board game’s 80th anniversary – the...

  • CarbonFlyer

    Carbon Flyer

    Dec 8, 14 • 1171 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    Building paper aeroplanes is a staple part of being a child – hell, it’s a staple part of being an adult if the boss skips out of the office for a couple of hours. But if you were to tell your childhood contemporaries that in a couple of decades they’d...

  • ParrotSumo

    Parrot Jumping Sumo

    Oct 29, 14 • 1274 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    Remember the kid in school who was lucky enough to own a radio controlled car? At an age when cool toys and gadgets generated you some serious kudos these things were like gold dust, and we can’t imagine anything much has changed. Unfortunately today’s...

  • range-rover

    Famosa Range Rover Ride-On

    Sep 11, 14 • 1139 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    We all want a better life for our kids, and that starts with a good set of wheels. My first four-wheelers relied on scrapped golf carts, a grassy hill and the unchangeable direction of gravity, but European toy company Famosa has something a little different...

  • SlideRider


    Jul 15, 14 • 1258 Views • ToysNo Comments

    Have a staircase? If not, you’re now probably wishing you did. The SlideRider is an invention created by Trisha Cleveland, who’s partnering with Quirky to make her dream a reality. What you see is basically a set of weighted foam mats that...

  • MysteryBox

    Mystery Box

    Apr 8, 14 • 1645 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    “What’s in the box?” asked Brad Pitt at the end of David Fincher’s excellent Seven, displaying all of his full range of two emotions in one classic scene. Well it’s not Gwyneth Paltrow’s head this time, which is clearly too big for the Mystery Box...

  • parsons_suffleboard-table

    parsons shuffleboard table

    Apr 2, 14 • 1445 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    In 1897, table shuffleboard rated as much space in the metropolitan newspapers of the New York City area as prize-fighting and baseball. Highly publicized tournaments were played by such colorful characters as “Big Ed” Morris, Dave “The...

  • Vintage Arcade Skeeball2

    Vintage Arcade Skeeball

    Jan 1, 14 • 1732 Views • Gear, ToysNo Comments

    Forget consoles and games on your phone, there comes a time you have to kick it old school. Make your office the place for some riskee business or make your man-cave the hangout for some beery après skee with this classic arcade and carnival alley bowler....

  • Anki Drive slot car racing set.

    Anki Drive

    Oct 22, 13 • 1646 Views • ToysNo Comments

    Remember playing slot cars as a child? Well, they’re back . . . and they’ve brought technology along. Anki Drive combines a track mat, race cars, and an iPhone app. Underneath the mat, special ink that’s embedded with a positional code tells...