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  • TreehouseChoc

    Treehouse Chocolate

    Jan 19, 15 • 1497 Views • GrubNo Comments

    If you’re unfortunate enough to know a bona fide chocolate connoisseur you’ll also know that no amount of off-the-counter Dairy Milk will be sufficient to satisfy their elitist cravings for top-class cocoa. Proper chocolate, they say, is created with all...

  • IceCreamBar

    The Ice Cream Bar

    Dec 19, 14 • 1139 Views • GrubNo Comments

    The Ice Cream Bar claims it discovered that alcohol and ice cream are good bedfellows by accident after someone spilled a beer near an ice cream maker. The staff at the Ice Cream Bar have obviously never been students – we discovered Ice Cream and booze...

  • Williams-Sonoma-Bacon-Making-Kit-980x600

    Williams-Sonoma Bacon Making Kit

    Dec 10, 14 • 1246 Views • GrubNo Comments

    Where I come from ‘makin’ bacon’ means something a little different – and it’s nearly as pleasurable and satisfying as actually making your own bacon. The people at Williams-Sonoma are big on kitting us out to make stuff – butter, ricotta cheese,...

  • five_olive_oil

    FIVE Olive Oil

    Jul 24, 14 • 1456 Views • GrubNo Comments

    Wine snobbery is so last century. Now it’s all about oil, and the top tipple is olive. With a swish, a sniff and a sip, you should be able to critique the color, aroma, taste and acidity a quality olive oil. The oil aficionado should be able to talk about...

  • benny-ts-vesta-hot-dry-sauce

    Benny T’s Vesta Dry Hot Sauce

    Feb 26, 14 • 1795 Views • GrubNo Comments

    This trio has to be the hottest and spiciest things to come out of North Carolina since Pam Grier, Julianne Moore and Amy Poehler. A life-long love and study of chilis has been dried and put in bottles to blow your tastebuds. Ben Tuorto enjoyed all things...

  • Ficks Cocktail Fortifiers in three different flavors.

    Ficks Cocktail Fortifiers

    Nov 19, 13 • 2950 Views • GrubNo Comments

    No matter how strong your love is for alcohol, the fact is drinking takes a toll on your body. Dehydration takes place and then hangovers ensue. But what if we could mitigate the misery that goes along with a night of intoxication? Ficks Cocktail Fortifiers...

  • Variety of Frozen Pints on table.

    Frozen Pints

    Nov 15, 13 • 1697 Views • GrubNo Comments

    Let’s face it, men love Häagen-Dazs just as much as any woman does. But men also love beer. And therein lies the genius behind Frozen Pints. Frozen Pints is an alcoholic ice cream. Craft beer ice cream, to be exact. There are currently seven...

  • Variety of chocolate Komforte Bars.

    Komforte Bars

    Sep 3, 13 • 1671 Views • GrubNo Comments

    What college student doesn’t remember living off Ramen Noodles? No, it sure wasn’t healthy . . . but it was simple and delicious. Well, now you can relive those glory days with Ramen Noodle chocolate bars from Komforte Bars. And if the...

  • Guy pouring Wired Wyatt's Caffeinated Maple Syrup on his waffles.

    Wired Wyatt’s Caffeinated Maple Syrup

    Aug 25, 13 • 1569 Views • GrubNo Comments

    Why not ditch the coffee every now and then and just get your energy shot directly from your favorite breakfast foods? Wired Wyatt’s Caffeinated Maple Syrup is, as it sounds . . . an all-natural maple syrup loaded with caffeine. It goes great...

  • Packages of Krave Jerky in different flavors.

    Krave Jerky

    Aug 13, 13 • 1287 Views • Grub, Hot ReadsNo Comments

    There are plenty of unique snacks, meals, and beverages that deserve to be mentioned at least once. But very rarely are we ever truly excited about actually tasting some of these products. Well, we can honestly say that we’ll be ordering some Krave...

  • A container of powerful yogurt next to a handful of blueberries.

    Powerful Yogurt

    Jul 8, 13 • 1329 Views • GrubNo Comments

    Fans of USA’s spy drama “Burn Notice” know that super-spy Michael Westin’s favorite snack is yogurt. It’s healthy, packed with protein, and unlikely to give you love handles. Michael Westin is in awesome shape, and tons of guys...

  • A cup of chocolates from Twice The Vice.

    Twice the Vice

    Jun 14, 13 • 1090 Views • GrubNo Comments

    We recently brought your attention to Beercandy. But what do you do if your boozy tastes range towards strong, premium liquors? That’s when you reach for Twice the Vice, a line of chocolate truffles filled with premium tequila, scotch, bourbon, and...

  • eat_steak

    $555 Steak Dinner | Arlington Club

    Jun 7, 13 • 1634 Views • GrubNo Comments

    Real men eat steak. Really rich men eat $555 steaks. NYC’s swanky Arlington Club steakhouse is in the headlines after debuting an over-the-top steak dinner that serves 4 to 8 hungry guys. This glorious steak is a 72-ounce cowboy ribeye that’s been...

  • Beercandy


    May 25, 13 • 1657 Views • Grub, Hot ReadsNo Comments

    Candy is delicious. As is beer. So how in the hell did it take someone this long to combine the two? Well, we can’t answer that question. But we’re sure glad it’s here now. Beercandy takes jelly, taffy, caramels, and hard candy, and then...