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  • Marlboro

    Marlboro Music School and Festival

    Apr 24, 17 • 462 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    Johannes Brahms once said “Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind”. The 19th century classical composer took much of his inspiration from his peers – the likes of Beethoven and Mozart, but he was also a...

  • Lundberg

    Breuer Cabin

    Oct 14, 15 • 991 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    Next time you see someone rooting through a skip or driving rubbish away from the local refuse don’t be too quick to judge – they could be scavenging materials to make something like the Breuer Cabin. Beginning with an uncompleted, ramshackle old hut it...

  • Cliffside

    Cliffside Casa Brutale

    Jul 31, 15 • 721 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    Teetering on the high cliffs above the Aegean sea, this Cliffside Casa Brutale concept is just itching for a Bond villain to raise enough cash to actually set the thing in motion – though we’d wager any such villain would soon end their evil ways in...

  • cinder-cone

    The Cinder Cone

    Jul 8, 15 • 1291 Views • Habitat, VideosNo Comments

    Foster Huntington became an online sensation after quitting his New York-based design job and documenting his life in a van in blogs and books. So when he came to build his dream home with friends, he wanted us all to know about it. The Cinder Cone is...

  • RailywayHouse

    Railway House

    Jun 4, 15 • 953 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    It’s not entirely clear why this semi-detached house decided to separate itself from its neighbour, but going by the interiors we’re guessing it’s not because the owners of the Railway House were frustrated with the loud music but couldn’t afford to...

  • Nahahum

    Nahahum Canyon Cabin

    May 19, 15 • 916 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    Getting away from it all is all we’ll ever end up doing if people keep creating luxurious abodes in the wilderness like this. It’s the Nahahum Canyon Cabin, near Cashmere, Washington, created by Balance Associates Architects as a 1500 foot square two...

  • WallHouse

    Wall House

    Apr 10, 15 • 881 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    For most retired couples having a (presumably) unruly child request that they want to move back home would involve shifting a few bits of furniture around and having the Dad begrudgingly clear out his “quiet room” to make room for a sofa bed. Not so if...

  • TreeSnakeHouse

    Tree Snake House

    Apr 1, 15 • 854 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    If Robin Hood were alive today we have a feeling he’d be giving far less of the money stolen from the rich to the poor and far more of it perfecting the interiors of his Tree Snake House. This rather unusual arboreal project based in Pedras Salgadas in...

  • Brillhart

    Brillhart house

    Mar 22, 15 • 795 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    When it comes to combining a modern luxury retreat with the (otherwise) untouched beauty of nature they don’t come much better than the Brillhart house, an ambitious self-build project in the heart of tropical Miami. Sitting five feet above the ground...

  • TreehouseRetreat

    Nakanosawagawa tree house retreat

    Mar 10, 15 • 741 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    For most Dads the joy of a tree house comes from the actual construction – putting some serious DIY and woodwork skills to the test is reward enough, and it’s the kids that get the real fun out of pretending to live in it. But why compromise? Ryo Yamada...

  • Bunker

    Concrete Bunker

    Feb 5, 15 • 827 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    Holing up in a concrete bunker isn’t something that would usually prove popular outside war time, but if there’s one thing we’ve learnt at Fataldose it’s never to underestimate people’s ability to get creative with weird and wonderful habitats....

  • CasaIncubo

    casa incubo

    Jan 28, 15 • 932 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    If you were asked somewhere for dinner only to find out that person lived in a bunch of old shipping containers you’d probably politely decline, but in the case of Maria José Trejos you’d be making a mistake. Architect and creator of Casa Incubo, Trejos...

  • HelloHouse

    Hello House

    Jan 21, 15 • 776 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Hello House is simply a rather elaborate Lego construction created by someone who’d been saving up all those white bricks people never use. In reality this Victorian shophouse in Melbourne, Australia has been...

  • vipp

    Vipp Shelter

    Jan 12, 15 • 865 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    Vipp is a classic Danish design brand that began with pedal bins, spread to home accessories, and then even launched their own kitchen. Now they’ve taken the next leap – their own pre-fabricated house fully equipped with all their own furnishings and...

  • cabin-nordehov

    Cabin Norderhov

    Jan 8, 15 • 781 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    Cabin Norderhov, by architects Atelier Oslo, shows how a floor plan can work with whatever nature chucks at you. Set in the Krokskogen forests outside Hønefoss, Norway, the cabin is on a steep slope that offers fantastic views over the lake, Steinsfjorden,...

  • LowLine

    The Lowline

    Dec 22, 14 • 748 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    New York City isn’t short of ambitious projects at the moment, from the dizzying heights of luxurious abodes to this stunning underground renovation – the Lowline. Here we have a 1908 trolley terminal, which has been discontinued and left unused since...

  • NYC_Condo

    432 Park Avenue

    Nov 27, 14 • 893 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    New York isn’t short of luxurious abodes, and if there’s one thing guaranteed to quite literally elevate yours above the rest, it’s a magnificent view. A new block at 432 Park Avenue will be the tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere upon...

  • kezmarska-hut-fd

    Kežmarské Hut | Atelier 8000

    Nov 21, 14 • 1182 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    Anyone who grew up with a Rubik’s cube will be curious to step into the proposed Kežmarské Hut, a cube-shaped sustainable mountain lodge that looks like a giant has casually tossed it into a snowdrift in the High Tatra Mountains of Slovakia. Prague-based...

  • LeaningHouse

    Praud Leaning House

    Nov 6, 14 • 902 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    It would be perfectly reasonable of you to ask exactly why someone would want to live in a house that leans. There are many reasons – it can maximise the amount of natural light that enters during the day, it can increase the internal floor space, it can...

  • CaseInlet

    Case Inlet Retreat

    Oct 30, 14 • 1204 Views • HabitatNo Comments

    If you’re after a secluded retreat with a bit more panache than a simple log cabin, we’ve got a rather more modern alternative for you. The Case Inlet Retreat nails that beautiful combination of natural surroundings and contemporary architecture on a 20...