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  • TravelPhotographer

    Travel Photographer of the Year 2014

    Dec 30, 14 • 1547 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    Anyone with a smartphone and a half-decent eye can snap a respectable photo every now and then, but it takes something pretty special to make it into the big leagues. When it comes to jaw-dropping visuals it doesn’t come much better than the Travel...

  • Bernardi_Painting

    Roberto Bernardi

    Mar 8, 14 • 1944 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    In the immortal words of Oscar Wilde: “All art is quite useless”. This may well be true, but it doesn’t stop rich folks from shelling out millions on pieces that look like they’ve been finished by a nest of decapitated pheasants dipped in paint and...

  • Lego_StarWars

    Lego on Hoth

    Mar 1, 14 • 1665 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    Hardcore Star Wars fans and hardcore Lego fans share something very important in common – neither has truly lost their passion for their medium and neither has truly grown up, something that we have to heartily applaud. Mix the two together and you have...

  • Photo of bikers underwater.

    Adventure Sports Photography | Ronny Kiaulehn

    Aug 25, 13 • 2606 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    Based in Germany, photographer Ronny Kiaulehn started out by hanging on the beach with his buddies, capturing the surf industry. Eventually he would expand into mountain biking, running, sailing, studio photography, and even underwater nudity. Be sure to...

  • Friends driving down city streets.

    Who Needs Sleep

    Aug 22, 13 • 2020 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    What do you get when you rent a Mini Cooper convertible with a group of friends? Well, if you’ve got a tripod, a fisheye lens, and some damn good photography skills, you end up with an amazing shot while driving through the city streets. Thank you, Max...

  • An NYC intersection.

    NYC Intersection

    Jun 28, 13 • 1778 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    If you’re scared of heights then New York City likely isn’t your thing, given all of the skyscrapers. And if the 1,000 foot drop doesn’t intimidate you, the traffic sure as hell will. Great photo, Navid Baraty...

  • Window of an abandoned farmhouse.

    Abandoned Farmhouse

    Jun 28, 13 • 1320 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    Look, if you ever find yourself staring at a scene like this, do yourself a favor: turn around and get the hell out of there. Photo via Dave Pluimer...

  • Dining tables in a restaurant.


    Jun 28, 13 • 947 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    A taste of that old world charm from this ‘restaurante’ in Spain. Photo via Jessica Rebelo...

  • Women gets fed a feast.

    Beautiful Gluttony

    Jun 28, 13 • 2619 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    A beautiful woman being hand fed and served wine. Aroused? You bet. Photo via Nacho Barragan...

  • People coming together to eat and drink.

    Festival Feast

    Jun 28, 13 • 846 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    Eat. Drink. Be merry. Thank you, Nihan, for sharing the photo...

  • Two lions battle.

    Royal Rumble

    Jun 28, 13 • 840 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    Two male lions + one buffalo carcass = an epic battle oozing with testosterone. Thanks for sharing the photo, Chad Cocking...

  • Man shoots his head off.

    Headless Suicide

    Jun 28, 13 • 1281 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    A headless man, a gun, smoke, and some other cool looking crap. Need we say more? Photograph via Velvetflash...

  • Buildings destroyed by earthquake.

    Disaster & Rubble

    Jun 28, 13 • 959 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    There’s nothing funny about entire cities being destroyed by earthquakes–or any natural disaster, for that matter–but there is something very striking about the aftermath. Perhaps because we’re in such awe of nature’s wrath. Awesome...

  • A fashion wedding in the Atacama desert.

    Atacama Wedding

    Jun 28, 13 • 1311 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    OK, so getting married in the driest desert in the world isn’t all that appealing. But you’ve got to admit this couple looks pretty damn cool against that backdrop. Thanks for the great photo Wieslaw Olejniczak!...

  • Snake gets ready to eat mouse.

    Snake Attack

    Jun 25, 13 • 2415 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    This photograph from Syahrul Ramadan demonstrates the ferocity of a snake when they’re ready to eat. The long, wide-open jaw, evil eyes, and exposed fangs are sure to get your respect. Don’t feel too bad for that poor little unsuspecting mouse...

  • Photograph of cars from top of building.

    Hot Wheels From Above

    Jun 25, 13 • 1076 Views • PhotographyNo Comments

    Growing up as a boy, chances are that you’ve played with Hot Wheels at one point or another. Well, the cars in this photograph are real, but the way in which the photo is taken makes it look as if the guy is controlling them with his own bare hands....