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  • BMW_7Series

    BMW 7 Series

    Jul 20, 15 • 1826 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    When it comes to appreciating the modern motor there are two types of audience to appeal to. Flashy concepts and revitalised classics will tick a lot of boxes for self-confessed petrol heads, but for some it’s all about the interior – how much time do you...

  • harley

    Rough Crafts’ Harley Forty-Eight

    Jul 1, 15 • 868 Views • Motorcycles, RidesNo Comments

    The Harley Forty-Eight is one of the most often-customized motorbikes going around, so you have to really stick your neck out to stand above the crowd. Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts has put his head on a crane with his ‘Hooligan Tactics’ rebuild of the...

  • ecocapsule-2


    Jun 11, 15 • 917 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    Despite looking like a slightly roomier version of those pods in The Matrix that store humans, EcoCapsules are a far more appealing space to be enclosed in and just about the most futuristic retreat we’ve seen yet. Roomy enough to comfortably house two...

  • GTConcept

    Infiniti Vision Gran Turismo Concept

    May 13, 15 • 965 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Supercar fans should be eternally grateful to the Gran Turismo video game series, a platform which has helped radical designers who like a line of coke with their coffee realise their dreams, and those of every schoolboy who had supercar posters adorning...

  • TeslaModelS

    Tesla Model S 70D

    Apr 30, 15 • 843 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Tesla has been leading the charge in the all-electric motor arena for some time and thankfully things have moved on since the strange, pseudo-futuristic, bubbly conceptions of yesteryear. Here’s something they’re introducing right now – the Model S 70D,...

  • ShatnerCycle

    William Shatner Rivet Motorcycle

    Apr 29, 15 • 957 Views • Motorcycles, RidesNo Comments

    Despite looking like something you’d expect Golden Age Batman to ride around on there’s something distinctly futuristic about the Rivet Motorcycle – a rather bizarre but strangely attractive mix of steam punk and science fiction that you’d quite like...

  • PorscheBoxterSpyder

    Porsche Boxter Spyder

    Apr 25, 15 • 770 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Porsche is in the news again and this time it’s revisiting a popular modern design for its Boxter roadster – the Boxter Spyder. Initially released in 2010 and going on to garner a bit of a cult following, the 2015 revision is described as “a radical...

  • DiamondAtelier

    Diamond Atelier Custom 1994 BMW R100R Classic

    Apr 6, 15 • 999 Views • Motorcycles, RidesNo Comments

    There are times when even (presumably) very highly paid professional vehicle designers who work for some of the world’s most iconic manufacturers should tip their hat to custom designers. One of these times is now, and one of these designers is Diamond...

  • ToyotaiRoad

    Toyota iRoad

    Mar 30, 15 • 925 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    It seems like barely a day goes past without a car manufacturer telling us about the “future of motoring”. But perhaps the true future could be less about expensive rides and fancy gadgets and more about convenience and economy. Imagine being able to grab...

  • MercedesGClass

    Mercedes G-Class Squared

    Mar 3, 15 • 895 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Mercedes hasn’t made its name from rugged four by fours so it has quite literally gone off road by pimping up its G-Class to produce with the new G-Class Squared. Let’s attempt to decipher the name here by explaining that it has taken its previous G83 AMG...

  • Aston GT3SE

    Aston Martin VANTAGE GT3 SE

    Feb 27, 15 • 722 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Continuing our recent tour of concept uber-cars, which has already seen some of the world’s greatest manufacturers toying with our dreams with a series of stunning looking vehicles (and god bless them for doing so) we reach Aston Martin – the James Bond...

  • Ferrari388

    Ferrari 488 GTB

    Feb 16, 15 • 697 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Porsche or Ferrari? After the news of the 911 Targa 4 GTS you might have made up your mind, but hold your horses – we’ve something that might edge you in the other direction. Ferrari’s 488 GTB is an absolute stunner, and is being promoted by what...


    LEBOWSKe 10

    Feb 2, 15 • 629 Views • RidesNo Comments

    Electric bikes are one of those intriguing modern hybrids that may not seem immediately appealing, but when you realise you can “drive” them on the pavement, through parks and along trails that’d otherwise prove cumbersome or illegal for a full-sized...

  • 911Targa

    Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS

    Jan 28, 15 • 711 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    As one of the most iconic supercars the Porsche 911 is one of few true classics that continues to evolve in front of our very eyes without ever losing its identity – it really is quite an achievement. And the latest in the list is the new Targa 4 GTS, a...

  • akrapovic-1

    Akrapovič Full Moon

    Jan 19, 15 • 1019 Views • Motorcycles, RidesNo Comments

    Slovenian company Akrapovič makes car exhaust systems for everything from the Volkswagen Golf to the Audi Quattro endurance racers, but it also does motorcycle exhausts. As a way to show off its motorbike cred, Akrapovič began making custom motorbikes...

  • audi-rs5

    Audi RS 5 Coupe

    Jan 8, 15 • 783 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    The 2015 RS 5 is a driver’s car that attacks and eats up corners like a Great White shark swimming among baitfish. The car is equipped with the Quattro® all-wheel drive system and has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. There’s a torque-vectoring sport...

  • XJR1300

    Yamaha XJR1300

    Jan 5, 15 • 947 Views • Motorcycles, Rides, UncategorizedNo Comments

    The trend of retro models of café racers from the 60s and 70s has been kicked up on one wheel with Yamaha’s Sports Heritage Range XJR1300, a warrior inspired by the Vintage Superbike scene of the 1980s. The raw power and stripped-back style commands...

  • Chevrolet_Laser

    Chevrolet Laser Car

    Dec 30, 14 • 995 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Are we making the most of frikkin’ laser beams in modern technology? It does seem as though more stuff should be harnessing the awesome destructive power of concentrated light by now. Thankfully Chevrolet is on board with this idea and has utilised it for...

  • husqvarna-vitpilen-04_0


    Dec 18, 14 • 902 Views • Motorcycles, RidesNo Comments

    Husqvarna’s new 401 Vitpilen (Swedish for ‘White Arrow’) and Svartpilen (‘Black Arrow’) are concept bikes created by the industrial design company Kiska. Both are super-lightweights (297 lb) with ‘retro-futuristic’ looks, while still boasting...

  • Quadrofoil


    Nov 27, 14 • 1227 Views • Rides, WatercraftNo Comments

    Jetskis are so 1990s. Yes, they’re great fun, but they’re noisy, inefficient and not very friendly to the environment or to the fish. Enter the Quadrofoil, a modern day alternative that eliminates all of these issues without removing any of the enjoyment....