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  • ecocapsule-2


    Jun 11, 15 • 917 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    Despite looking like a slightly roomier version of those pods in The Matrix that store humans, EcoCapsules are a far more appealing space to be enclosed in and just about the most futuristic retreat we’ve seen yet. Roomy enough to comfortably house two...

  • FerrariTrain3

    Ferrari-designed Cruise Train

    Sep 8, 14 • 1362 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    When Ferrari isn’t busy designing some of the most powerful and beautiful luxury cars ever made it likes to get its hands dirty with other ventures – phones, watches, motorbikes, you name it. And now it has loaned out one of its designers to build plans...

  • VaderCar

    Darth Vader (Bat)mobile

    Aug 13, 14 • 1805 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    I wonder how far we can get through this before we… BATMOBILE! It’s a freaking old style BATMOBILE with a stupid Darth Vader grill on the front! Not far then. But that’s what it is, isn’t it? Can’t you come up with something a bit more original Star...

  • RoadChief

    Bowlus Road Chief

    Apr 29, 14 • 1897 Views • MultipurposeNo Comments

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s quite clearly a caravan, though we admit it does look a bit like a plane. That’s largely because the Bowlus Road Chief was inspired by the original 1934 Bowlus Road Chief, built by aircraft designer and engineer...

  • batmobile-tumbler

    Batmobile “Tumbler”

    Mar 12, 14 • 1461 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    Holy street-legal Batman! We’re changing our mind about what we want for birthday. Bale-era Batman’s “Tumbler” wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing of Batmobiles, but it was damn cool all the same. And now it’s street legal. Featuring 44-inch...

  • Jeep-Wrangler-Full-Metal-Jacket-by-starwood-photo-10

    Starwood Full Metal Jacket Jeep

    Mar 10, 14 • 4562 Views • Hot Reads, Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    “You’re so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece!” –     Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, Full Metal Jacket Love getting off-road? Like to round up illegal immigrants or liberate oppressed peoples (even if that’s just your wife and kids)?...

  • Ryno2


    Mar 4, 14 • 1283 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    What do you call a Rhino without a horn? A hippo. What do you call a Ryno without a horn? A Ryno. It’s the same thing – a one-wheeled bastard child of a Harley Davidson and a Segway, and damn it looks like fun! Take a look: Try to ignore the casual...

  • Snolo Stealth-X snow-sled

    Snolo Stealth-X Snow-Sled

    Dec 21, 13 • 1691 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    Ah the good old days. Springing out of bed on a cold winter morn, rummaging around to find an old piece of junk that would pass as a sled and dashing through the snow to the nearest field, the distant sound of maternal pleading to “wrap up warm” ringing...

  • The Der Ziesel outdoors.

    Der Ziesel

    Nov 12, 13 • 2470 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    What do you get when you combine a M1 Abrams Battle Tank with a Hoveround mobility scooter? A Der Ziesel, apparently. The Der Ziesel is an offroad vehicle that is capable of taking on whatever you can throw at it . . . snow, sand, stone, mud, or grass. And...

  • Futuria SportSpa Caravan on the street.

    Futuria SportSpa Caravan

    Sep 2, 13 • 1340 Views • MultipurposeNo Comments

    When you’re ready to truly step up your game, you won’t find many machines as jaw-dropping as the Futuria SportSpa Caravan. This beast comes equipped with a luxurious lounge, a powerful sound system, a fog machine, under-floor illumination, and a...

  • Photograph of the Honda Mean Mower.

    Honda Mean Mower

    Jul 23, 13 • 1447 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    Why spend well over six figures for a Ferrari when your lawn mower can keep up? The Honda Mean Mower might look similar to a production mower, but it’s anything but on the inside. It makes use of ATV wheels, a custom suspension and chassis, a...