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  • Johammer-J1-electric-motorcycle

    Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle

    May 8, 14 • 1068 Views • MotorcyclesNo Comments

    We’re seeing more electric motorbikes cropping up. Most look bog ordinary at best, feeble at worst, but Johammer have produced something that’s the chopper to the future – lean, mean, and previously unseen. The motor and battery pack are placed...

  • RoadChief

    Bowlus Road Chief

    Apr 29, 14 • 1897 Views • MultipurposeNo Comments

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s quite clearly a caravan, though we admit it does look a bit like a plane. That’s largely because the Bowlus Road Chief was inspired by the original 1934 Bowlus Road Chief, built by aircraft designer and engineer...

  • Renault-Kwid-Concept-1

    Renault Kwid Concept

    Apr 7, 14 • 1123 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Unveiled at the 2014 Delhi Auto Show, the Kwid Concept is aimed squarely at a young market of Indian gamers. This is indeed how a 21st century SuperMario would roll – oversized wheels protruding past the fenders, electric vertical-opening doors and...

  • 2015-Ferrari-California-T

    Ferrari California T

    Mar 25, 14 • 1255 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Perhaps you know a little about previous models of the Ferrari California. Forget it. In 2014, the ‘T’ tacked onto the model’s name may as well stand for ‘tipped on its head’. Yes, it still looks like an American muscle car that had an exotic tryst...

  • batmobile-tumbler

    Batmobile “Tumbler”

    Mar 12, 14 • 1461 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    Holy street-legal Batman! We’re changing our mind about what we want for birthday. Bale-era Batman’s “Tumbler” wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing of Batmobiles, but it was damn cool all the same. And now it’s street legal. Featuring 44-inch...

  • Jeep-Wrangler-Full-Metal-Jacket-by-starwood-photo-10

    Starwood Full Metal Jacket Jeep

    Mar 10, 14 • 4562 Views • Hot Reads, Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    “You’re so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece!” –     Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, Full Metal Jacket Love getting off-road? Like to round up illegal immigrants or liberate oppressed peoples (even if that’s just your wife and kids)?...

  • Ryno2


    Mar 4, 14 • 1283 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    What do you call a Rhino without a horn? A hippo. What do you call a Ryno without a horn? A Ryno. It’s the same thing – a one-wheeled bastard child of a Harley Davidson and a Segway, and damn it looks like fun! Take a look: Try to ignore the casual...

  • deus-ex-machina-3

    Deus Ex Machina American 1200

    Feb 16, 14 • 1381 Views • Motorcycles, RidesNo Comments

    Deus ex Machina (god from the machine) reared up out of a factory space in Sydney Australia, the brash lovechild from an orgy of artists, surfers, skaters and bikers. Now an international force, the brand still revolves around customised motorcycles that...

  • XC_Coupe

    Volvo XC Coupe Concept

    Jan 17, 14 • 1099 Views • CarsNo Comments

    “Volvo” and “sexy” are words that are rarely found in the same sentence, despite what Stan Collymore might say after one of his dogging evenings. “Swedish”, on the other hand? Well, the Scandinavian box-producer has refined its lines in recent...

  • Lucra L148

    Lucra L148

    Dec 27, 13 • 1477 Views • Cars, RidesNo Comments

    Nothing says ‘I squeeze life by the balls and make it sing Metallica songs soprano’ like a whacking big two-seater sports car. Pick up the kids? Groceries? Sorry, I can’t hear you above the 700bhp 4.7 litre V8 engine. Yet the Lucra L148 is a truly...

  • Snolo Stealth-X snow-sled

    Snolo Stealth-X Snow-Sled

    Dec 21, 13 • 1691 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    Ah the good old days. Springing out of bed on a cold winter morn, rummaging around to find an old piece of junk that would pass as a sled and dashing through the snow to the nearest field, the distant sound of maternal pleading to “wrap up warm” ringing...

  • A photograph of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo.

    Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

    Nov 19, 13 • 1399 Views • RidesNo Comments

    Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi challenged design studios from across the globe to come up with their automotive vision of the future. Mercedes-Benz was happy to oblige, and the end result is one fancy supercar . . . the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran...

  • Photograph of an AEV Brute, Filson Edition.

    AEV Brute | Filson Edition

    Nov 17, 13 • 1498 Views • RidesNo Comments

    Filson is a company that focuses on producing outdoor goods for extreme weather conditions. It only makes sense, then, that they’d partner with American Expedition Vehicles to completely customize a Jeep Wrangler. The AEV brute Filson Edition features...

  • The Der Ziesel outdoors.

    Der Ziesel

    Nov 12, 13 • 2470 Views • Multipurpose, RidesNo Comments

    What do you get when you combine a M1 Abrams Battle Tank with a Hoveround mobility scooter? A Der Ziesel, apparently. The Der Ziesel is an offroad vehicle that is capable of taking on whatever you can throw at it . . . snow, sand, stone, mud, or grass. And...

  • Wazuma V8F Matte Edition on race track.

    Wazuma V8F Matte Edition

    Nov 4, 13 • 2219 Views • Cars, Hot Reads, RidesNo Comments

    If Batman were looking to add to his collection of high-powered vehicles, the Wazuma V8F Matte Edition would certainly be on his radar. Built by Lazareth, a custom auto design and manufacturing company, the Wazuma is powered by a 3.0 liter, 250hp Ferrari V8...

  • A Lamborghini Veneno Roadster racing down the road.

    Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

    Oct 22, 13 • 1730 Views • Cars, Hot ReadsNo Comments

    No doubt, the Equus Bass 770 isn’t for everyone. Maybe you want something a little less old school, with a lot more flash. In that case, the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster should do the trick. You’re looking at an open cockpit, carbon fiber...

  • Side view of the 2014 Equus Bass 770.

    2014 Equus Bass 770

    Oct 8, 13 • 1923 Views • CarsNo Comments

    So you’re a fan of muscle cars from the 1960’s, but you’d like to drive something more reliable, comfortable, and modern? Looks like you’re in luck. The 2014 Equus Bass 770 brings back the power and beauty from muscle cars of the...

  • Photograph of the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse Jean Bugatti Edition.

    Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse Jean Bugatti Edition

    Sep 17, 13 • 1074 Views • CarsNo Comments

    If you haven’t heard, Bugatti is releasing six, ultra-exclusive “Legend” models to honor the men behind the brand. The Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse Jean Bugatti Edition is the second to be released in the series, honoring Jean Bugatti (the...

  • Galpin Ford GTR1 photograph.

    Galpin Ford GTR1

    Sep 9, 13 • 901 Views • CarsNo Comments

    If you haven’t wet yourself yet, keep reading. Galpin Auto Sports decided they wanted to take a Ford GT and turn it into a super, supercar. You’re looking at a hand crafted all aluminum body, 20-inch forged aluminum wheels, Pirelli P-Zero tires, 6...

  • Futuria SportSpa Caravan on the street.

    Futuria SportSpa Caravan

    Sep 2, 13 • 1340 Views • MultipurposeNo Comments

    When you’re ready to truly step up your game, you won’t find many machines as jaw-dropping as the Futuria SportSpa Caravan. This beast comes equipped with a luxurious lounge, a powerful sound system, a fog machine, under-floor illumination, and a...