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  • Quadrofoil


    Nov 27, 14 • 1230 Views • Rides, WatercraftNo Comments

    Jetskis are so 1990s. Yes, they’re great fun, but they’re noisy, inefficient and not very friendly to the environment or to the fish. Enter the Quadrofoil, a modern day alternative that eliminates all of these issues without removing any of the enjoyment....

  • HPSportSub

    HP Sport Sub 2

    Nov 18, 14 • 1074 Views • Rides, WatercraftNo Comments

    There is a fairly limited array of options available for the average Joe when it comes to exploring the ocean. Sure, you could go it alone with a fancy accessory or take to the seas in a shark cage if you’re feeling brave, but what we really want to see is...

  • Kormaran


    Oct 13, 14 • 1379 Views • Rides, WatercraftNo Comments

    Here at Fataldose we love James Bond. Let’s be honest – it’s largely to do with the gadgets and the fancy vehicles, and hot on the heels of the Aston Martin Concept comes a sea-faring number that could well make it into the sure-to-be-commissioned...

  • Aeroboat-1

    Aeroboat | Claydon Reeves

    Jul 27, 14 • 1620 Views • Rides, Watercraft1 Comment

    If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. If you have questions about practical features or fuel consumption, you’ve got the wrong speedboat, but for playboys who want the ultimate showy runabout, the Aeroboat is the business. The yacht designers...

  • maarno folding boat

    Maarno Foldable Boat

    May 29, 14 • 1339 Views • Rides, WatercraftNo Comments

    The problem with most boats is that, aside from being prohibitively expensive to buy, the bills just keep on coming. Mooring fees, cleaning and maintenance, insurance, depreciation, not to mention the hassle involved in dragging it down to the water –...