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  • give2

    Givenchy Seventeen Titanium Automatic Edition

    May 28, 15 • 1308 Views • Accessories, Gear, StyleNo Comments

    Givenchy was fairly late to bat in the watch arena but has been making up for lost time since. Designs such as the Seventeen Titanium Automatic Edition seem like something worth waiting for as well, achieving that delicate balance between eye-catching and...

  • TravelWallet

    Travel Wallet

    May 15, 15 • 1019 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Frequent travellers will be familiar with the frustration of juggling documents and ID between easy-access baggage compartments and pockets during the frantic journey through an airport, so something designed to keep them in one place, and importantly inside...

  • TravelTime

    Patek Philippe 5524G Calatrava Pilot Travel Time

    Apr 14, 15 • 1208 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to timepieces a minimalist approach combined with premium materials and manufacture is surely one of the best ways to get yourself noticed. Such is the case with the Patek Philippe 5524G Calatrava Pilot Travel Time...

  • BR_X1

    Bell & Ross BR-X1 Hypersonic Chronograph

    Feb 23, 15 • 1157 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Some watches aim for timeless simplicity, others for classic looks, and others, like the Bell & Ross BR-X1, are just all out nuts. But in a good way. This looks like a timepiece for the future – the sort of thing you’d expect to transform into a robot...

  • Paren

    PEREN Swiss Watch

    Jan 28, 15 • 1091 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Kickstarter’s crowd-funded campaigns are doing a good deal on watches and Peren is the latest to find its targets achieved with a range of swiss-designed luxury models. Founded by a watch enthusiast, its purpose is to create products at an affordable price...

  • RunwellWatch

    Runwell Pocket Watch

    Jan 8, 15 • 841 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    It’s a shame you can’t get away with wearing a pocket watch without being in fancy dress or heir to an unreasonably sized estate, because designs like the Runwell Pocket Watch make us yearn for a bit of a casual comeback. Created by Detroit-based watch...

  • Aviador

    Aviador Tracker Wallet

    Jan 2, 15 • 1063 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Technology has been lightening our pockets for the last decade and for the most part this has been a good thing. But if the most quintessential of all man-accessories – the wallet – bites the dust it would be a sad day indeed. With wireless payments and...

  • HelgrayWatch

    Helgray Silverstone Racing Chronograph Watch

    Dec 27, 14 • 1029 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Unlike almost every other modern accessory, a great looking watch is based on classic, timeless designs that are unique in, well, standing the test of time. Helgray is a new Kickstarter-based watch company whose ethos is just that, and continues to expand its...

  • ppf-hi

    PF Flyers Hi Galosh

    Dec 17, 14 • 1147 Views • Shoes, StyleNo Comments

    This is a duck in sheep’s clothing, a perennial basketball-style trainer that’s made to help you keep your cool and casual look all through winter – without getting your feet wet. PFF knows its rubber – for decades the brand worked with tire makers...

  • filson5

    Filson Restoration Department

    Dec 12, 14 • 1082 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Sometimes things have more power and charisma when they are rebuilt, restored and rebirthed for a new life – vintage motorcycles, the Terminator, and vampires, for instance. The same can be said about Filson bags, minus the potential for danger and...

  • FlowPockets

    Flow Pockets / Natural

    Dec 5, 14 • 845 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Fancy gadgets need fancy cases to keep them safe, and thankfully premium material manufacturers are delivering. Here we have something else for the Apple market – it’s called the Flow Pockets / Natural. It’s lovingly designed to keep your MacBook Air or...

  • Duffel

    Shrine Sneaker Duffel

    Nov 14, 14 • 784 Views • StyleNo Comments

    It’s no secret that sneakers are to nightclub bouncers what garlic is to vampires. This is particularly frustrating if they obviously cost a lot more than the scruffy old brogues the guy in front is wearing when he sidles in without trouble. Of course,...

  • Rossling-Co-Automatic-Watch-1

    Rossling & Co Ultra-Thin Automatic Watches

    Nov 4, 14 • 1047 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Despite the trend towards “heirloom” watches priced as high as a yearly mortgage payment, Rossling & Co. have come up with a $500 watch that is stylish, affordable, and versatile. The market calls for it – with 10 days to go of their Kickstarter...

  • hard-craft-classic-hc1

    Classic HG iPhone 6 Case | hard graft

    Oct 10, 14 • 1456 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Let’s talk about leather.  For some people anything approaching the look and feel of tanned animal hide is enough, but for others you can’t beat the care and sophistication that’s tied to premium, authentic material. The Classic HG has this in spades,...

  • Christopher-Ward-C9-Harrison-5-Day-Automatic


    Sep 11, 14 • 1004 Views • StyleNo Comments

    It’s always odd to see businessmen, IT professionals and corporate types strapping on wrist bling that betrays neglected dreams of the Thug Life. For those who prefer a little more depth to their beauty and a touch more gravitas to their style, watchmaker...

  • OrisWatch

    Oris Big Crown ProPilot

    Aug 14, 14 • 1274 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    When it comes to jaw-dropping accessories that men crave but rarely actually need, few are as appealing as watches. There’s something ironically timeless about designs that contain more dials and digits than a 19th century telephone exchange and despite the...

  • vintage-messenger

    The Vintage Messenger Bag

    Aug 12, 14 • 1053 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    The modern “man bag” is often dissed, but unless you just crawled out of a cave or wear a serial killer’s overcoat in all seasons, you’ll need something to carry your reading, writing implements and other various communication tools. The problem is...

  • tope designs trail pack

    TOPO Designs Trail Pack

    Jul 19, 14 • 2666 Views • AccessoriesNo Comments

    At a time when the humble trail pack tends to come with more bells and whistles than R2D2’s soundcard, Topo Designs has stripped it back to its essentials features – comfort, durability and a look that doesn’t yell “try-hard”. Do I need 17 pockets...

  • seiko-astron-gps-solar-watch

    Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch

    Mar 26, 14 • 1430 Views • Accessories, StyleNo Comments

    Ever been accused of having a god complex? This is the watch for you, as every time you look at it is like looking down at the Earth through the stratosphere. Just to remind you where you stand in the world. The domed sapphire crystal cover of the SEIKO...

  • J&B Limited Tattoo Edition-1

    J&B Limited Tattoo Edition

    Mar 20, 14 • 892 Views • StyleNo Comments

    Just recently I read about a guy in the news who tattooed his dog. Now man has tattooed something even dearer to his heart – his Scotch whisky. J&B rare scotch blend whisky and tattooing both began in London in the mid-19th century. Tattoos really took...