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  • wingsuit

    GoPro: Wingsuit Flight

    Nov 27, 15 • 1179 Views • VideosNo Comments

    It’s no wonder GoPro is doing such a good business in action cams with videos like this. Featuring a debatably sane adrenaline junkie by the name of Uli Emanuele, it aims to make a mockery out of our extreme sports feature by showcasing a wingsuit flight...

  • cinder-cone

    The Cinder Cone

    Jul 8, 15 • 1298 Views • Habitat, VideosNo Comments

    Foster Huntington became an online sensation after quitting his New York-based design job and documenting his life in a van in blogs and books. So when he came to build his dream home with friends, he wanted us all to know about it. The Cinder Cone is...

  • bug

    The Bug Movie trailer

    May 26, 15 • 1267 Views • VideosNo Comments

    Would it be churlish of us to describe the Volkswagen Beetle as a “Marmite” car? Some people like it apparently. Actually they love it – eulogise about it – it’s one of the most iconic staples of motoring history and this is despite the fact that...

  • star-wars

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2

    May 15, 15 • 1246 Views • Media, Movies & Shows, VideosNo Comments

    The new Star Wars has done a great job of ticking fan boxes so far with various welcoming glimpses into familiar characters and locations. The second trailer has plenty more treats in store for the anti-JarJar brigade as Disney goes about the business of...

  • madmax

    Mad Max: Fury Road Official Retaliate Trailer

    May 11, 15 • 1300 Views • Movies & Shows, VideosNo Comments

    Hands up who wants to know more about the new Mad Max movie! Everyone should have their hands up. In the spirit of the film those who haven’t will have them partially severed and replaced with robotic appendages. Here it is – and there’s quite a lot...

  • office_chair

    Audi Autonomous Office Chair

    Apr 29, 15 • 877 Views • VideosNo Comments

    The usual April Fools jokes were doing the rounds on the internets this month in an annual event designed to test the gullibility of folk around the world, and Audi made extra effort with its Autonomous Office Chair. Tongue is too firmly in cheek to ever...

  • adventure

    Adventure Is Calling II

    Apr 25, 15 • 804 Views • VideosNo Comments

    One of the great benefits of advances in technology is that it puts genuinely powerful tools in the hands of individuals, limiting them only by the depth of their imagination and power of their creativity. Adventure is Calling II is an inspiring exhibition in...

  • avengers

    Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Official Final Trailer

    Apr 19, 15 • 1026 Views • Movies & Shows, VideosNo Comments

    There’s a fair bit of anticipation for the Avengers sequel. Over the years it’s been painfully demonstrated that “less is more” when it comes to cramming multiple fantastical characters on screen, but the first Avengers was a rare occasion in which a...

  • gotham

    Gotham City SF // A Timelapse Film

    Mar 22, 15 • 801 Views • VideosNo Comments

    Gotham City SF // A Timelapse Film is one of those occasions when you can’t help but take your hat off to the creativity and ingenuity of those who have a passion for their art. Created by Toby Harriman, who shot all of the video on a Canon 6D and 5DMK III...

  • timelaps

    10K Timelapse Demo

    Mar 22, 15 • 572 Views • VideosNo Comments

    Blow out to full screen and crank up the screen resolution to witness the cutting edge of photography in this video that shows off the extreme resolution of the PhaseOne IQ180 camera. Each shot in this timelapse of Rio de Janeiro is composed of hundreds of...

  • ride-on-thin-air

    Riding On Thin Air

    Mar 19, 15 • 664 Views • VideosNo Comments

    We still feel bad that mountain biking wasn’t included in our extreme activities feature, especially after seeing Danny Macaskill’s superb ascent of The Ridge. Now we feel worse. Riding on Thin Air stars Kelly McGarry and Jeremy Lyttle, two experienced...

  • poltergeist_fataldose

    Poltergeist | Official HD Trailer | 2015

    Feb 27, 15 • 951 Views • Media, Movies & Shows, VideosNo Comments

    Remaking horror classics seems to be like sex with an ex – the obsession and the temptation seems to be too great, even though everyone agrees that the outcome will most probably be disastrous. This new take on the 1982 classic may be a rare exception. A...

  • swim_suit

    2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Tease

    Feb 19, 15 • 3173 Views • Videos, WomenNo Comments

    Fight, fight, fight! At least we wish they would – with pillows and jelly and non-lethal objects of course, we’re not animals. Since Victoria’s Secret changed all of our lives with its slow, sultry, swimwear, Sports Illustrated seems to have gotten its...

  • jurassic_fd

    Jurassic World Super Bowl Trailer

    Feb 9, 15 • 1002 Views • Media, Movies & Shows, VideosNo Comments

    Few things are as “Jurassic” as the Super Bowl and few movies are as “Jurassic” as Jurassic Park (seriously? Ed). So it’s fitting that one of the all-American uber-event’s trailers is for the latest revision of the movie; the upcoming Jurassic...

  • fantastic-4

    Fantastic Four | Official Teaser Trailer

    Feb 6, 15 • 822 Views • Media, Movies & Shows, VideosNo Comments

    Poor old Fantastic Four. In a world where many superhero films have achieved the impossible by moving away from camp slapstick into something that could be vaguely considered serious and engaging, the new “Four” movies were pretty much consigned to the...

  • tiny_queenstown

    Tiny Queenstown

    Feb 3, 15 • 611 Views • VideosNo Comments

    Your humble author can testify first hand to the unrivalled beauty and rip-roaring adventure on offer in Queenstown, NZ, after spending a week there some time ago and throwing himself off a cliff towards roaring white-water on one of the world’s highest...

  • victoria3

    Victoria’s Secret Swim 2015: Slow. Sultry. Swim.

    Jan 16, 15 • 4936 Views • VideosNo Comments

    If there is a heaven, and suddenly we’re inclined to believe that there is, it has to be something like this. The Victoria’s Secret Swim 2015: Slow Sultry Swim. What more do I need to say? Quite a bit if you expect to get paid. Ed Ok then. It’s a...

  • snowboarding-for-me-FD

    Snowboarding: For Me | Official Movie Trailer

    Jan 2, 15 • 741 Views • VideosNo Comments

    This film presents the past, present and future of snowboarding, as seen through the lives and experiences of the Oakley Snowboarding team, who are kind of like the Harlem Globetrotters of the powder. Spanning the planet from Hokkaido to Hemsedal and the...

  • surfing1000

    Surfing@1000 Frames per Second

    Dec 22, 14 • 771 Views • VideosNo Comments

    Surf photography and videography was never and still isn’t easy, but the wave of technology has certainly made it easier and more enjoyable for the viewer. In Surfing@1000 Frames per Second, Chris Bryan shows off what the new generation of cameras can do....

  • wanders

    Wanderers Short Film | Erik Wernquist

    Dec 17, 14 • 810 Views • VideosNo Comments

    Wanderers is described as a short film but it’s probably more accurate to call it a short documentary – if such documentary were being made in 2450AD. As stated at the beginning “all locations depicted in this short film are recreations of actual places...