Cesarré sculptors

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If there’s one thing the French know how to do well it’s quiet minimalism. If there’s another it’s that they never shut up about it. And if you’ve bought something from one of Cesarré’s sculptors you wouldn’t either – these beautiful constructions are focused around the glorious world of the barbecue – that thing you can see in the photo above? There’s the barbecue in the middle, and doesn’t it look magnificent?

All of Cesarré’s products are 100% designed and manufactured in France to let them “control each stage of the production” and are made of premium materials such as Steel EZ which is rich in zinc to avoid corrosion, lightweight aluminium, stainless steel and the rusted-appearance authenticity of corten steel, with a range of finishes designed to make your product last, look great and stand up to charred meat and various other products of barbecue aftermath.

With a range of designs on offer in the brochure you needn’t despair if you can’t afford some of the more elaborate high-end offerings like that pictured, but if you can you’re guaranteed status of “Pitmaster” at each and every summer party for many years to come.

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