Charlotte McKinney

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We were aware that GQ Magazine had form when it comes to featuring hot girls, but we certainly weren’t prepared for the fact that this form was capable of giving Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret a run for their money.

So when they say they’ve chosen a “girl of the summer” – that’s “a” girl, like it’s possible to settle on just one, it’s important to sit up and take notice. We promise you will do the same within the first ten seconds of the video made to showcase a certain Miss Charlotte McKinney’s qualities at GQ’s beach-surf shoot.

During the course of the overly brief one and a half minutes of runtime you’ll follow young Charlotte’s adventures as she deals with such everyday life problems as leaving her bikini top at home, trying to work out the most comfortable way of inconspicuously carrying a skateboard and getting peed on by her mom. Not that you’ll be listening to anything she actually says because, well, just roll the video.

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