Chevrolet Laser Car

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Are we making the most of frikkin’ laser beams in modern technology? It does seem as though more stuff should be harnessing the awesome destructive power of concentrated light by now. Thankfully Chevrolet is on board with this idea and has utilised it for the most unlikely of sources – a car.

The Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo is a glimpse into the future of racing, and not the first time a concept has been developed for Gran Turismo 6. A real, working model unveiled at the LA Auto 2014 show demonstrated how the technology could eventually make it onto the roads for real, though Chevrolet was hesitant to confirm whether it’ll reach the 240mph top speed and 1.5 second 0-60 of the in-game car.

The laser gadgetry works as a mid-mounted propulsion system to send beams of light that focus to create shock waves and generate 900 horsepower of thrust, and the whole car has been designed with adjustable aerodynamics so that the driver’s movement actually controls certain aspects of the profile. It is effectively, as the design team put it “like adapting a wing suit to a racing car”, and guaranteed to be more manoeuvrable than a giant mutated sea bass.

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