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If you don’t believe FatalDose to be the quintessential website for your daily fix of all that’s manly, you need to download and use ChoiceMap immediately – it’s an app that helps people make better decisions.

No, seriously. This thing claims to “walk you through any decision” –  which girl to date? Which car to joyride? Which recreational drug to take? You name it; ChoiceMap (claims) to help you make the right choice.

This sounds a bit far-fetched, so we’ll come clean on the nuts and bolts of the operation. You create a list of factors involved in a decision, and then weight each in terms of how much you care about them.  ChoiceMap collates all this and presents you with your choices alongside a percentage figure showing how likely each will be to make you happy.

It sounds simple, but that’s how many of the best ideas get started. Currently only available for Apple users (surely an audience that the needs most helping making good decisions – ZING!) there aren’t enough reviews on the App Store for it to be rated at the time of writing. But it’s free, so why not make a good decision for once and give it a try?

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