ClearView Clio Speaker

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Hands up who remembers where they were the first time they saw the Dyson bladeless fan? Now that was one cool piece of kit. We’re certainly going to remember where we were (in front of the computer, just like with the fan) when discovering that this clear piece of acrylic glass from ClearView Audio is actually a speaker – and an “invisible” one at that.

It’s the first audio system powered by Edge Motion technology, and delivers room-filling panoramic stereo sound via transduction and piezo-electric actuators. And because it doesn’t use traditional cones that push sound waves in one direction, Clio surrounds you with a 360° audio experience, so doesn’t have to be “pointed” at anything and will happily sit in any area of the home.

The stunning minimalist design and impressive performance helped Clio achieve a finalists spot at the CES 2014 People’s Choice awards, where it was also recognised for outstanding design and engineering, winning the CES Innovations award.

Clio is Bluetooth compatible, available in silver, dark bronze or charcoal and will set you back just $349, though you’ll have to wait until March for expected shipments.

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