Cliffside Casa Brutale

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Teetering on the high cliffs above the Aegean sea, this Cliffside Casa Brutale concept is just itching for a Bond villain to raise enough cash to actually set the thing in motion – though we’d wager any such villain would soon end their evil ways in favour of relaxing in the stunning surroundings.

The living quarters are encased entirely within the mountainside, with only a staircase and rooftop pool extending above ground (sharks and/or mutated sea bass optional). This also doubles as a massive skylight, allowing a unique shimmering natural light to permeate to the main entrance below.

The interiors maintain a minimalist, industrial look, all of which are highlighted by wall-sized windows for sea views the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Cast concrete furniture, a sculpted fireplace, steel staircases and hardwood finishes somehow manage to combine to make it seem far cosier than you might expect.  Check out the link above for some stunning photos of the rest of the dwelling.

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