Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia

Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia

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Ever look around at all these nancy boys and girly men with their soft hands, styling products and bitching about how the GPS on their phone “got them lost” three miles from their home? This book isn’t for them… but it should be.

If you don’t want your kids to grow up to be these guys, put this book in their hands. Yes, it’s a book, not an app – this thing is so old skool that in its fifth edition, it’s the first time they conceded to produce its 1300 photographs and 1000 diagrams and illustrations (many done with a sharpened stick and the blood of wild pigs… probably) in full color. This is the book that will teach you and your kin how to identify then hunt, trap or fish for your own food in the wilds – and if you need help, there’s a guide to sporting dogs. As a last resort, you can use this 640-page brick of a book to knock out a deer.

There’s also important information on camping, boating, all-terrain vehicles, first aid and wilderness survival. In a concession to city folk and their new-fangled gadgetry, this edition comes with new information on GPS. Put this book on your shelf and it will put some hairs on your chest.

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