Concrete Bunker

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Holing up in a concrete bunker isn’t something that would usually prove popular outside war time, but if there’s one thing we’ve learnt at Fataldose it’s never to underestimate people’s ability to get creative with weird and wonderful habitats.

Belgian studio B-ILD is the latest to contribute to our series of ingenious interiors with this old converted concrete bunker in the Netherlands, which it has transformed into a holiday home without affecting any of the traditional war-ravaged stone exterior. On the inside it looks pretty cosy, especially if you’re a fan of bomb-shelter chic, and is designed for four people with furnishings kept to a minimum and everything custom made.

Presumably the kitchen’s next on the list but that’s nothing a trip to Homebase or Home Depot can’t fix, and in the meantime you can restrict visitations to clement days when everyone can sit outside on the rather un-bunker-like wooden decking arrangement that’s forced into purpose by matching the dimensions of the bunker interior. Neat.

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